GDPR Compliant

Data security is every organization’s paramount concern that is why Nunify has been a GDPR compliant ever since its inception.

With organisations shifting to virtual platforms for their business, effective data security becomes a crucial part of today’s data-driven digital world. At nunify we provide the attendees with exclusive data security and data protection.

Just like in-person services, virtual event platforms also have to adhere to certain rules and regulations when it comes to protecting customers’ personal information, confidentiality, and integrity. Our platform values your privacy with the utmost attention and vigorously tries to ensure that your data is secured within the EU.

By adhering to the many principles of GDPR, we at Nunify ensure a secured virtual event experience to all in terms of data sharing and believe in keeping total transparency with our clients and attendees. Nunify condemns any practice that breaches the data protection law.

How Nunify, through GDPR, ensure that your data is in secured hands:

  • Here we obtain the attendees’ consent to store and use their data while also informing in which way their data will be utilized by us.
  • We understand that individuals have the right to transmit their data from one controller to another that’s why we provide attendees data in a commonly used digital platform.
  • Attendees can at any time ask for error rectification and request the deletion of their data.
  • Data collected from organizations and individuals is an end to end encrypted and is not shared with any third party.
  • We give our users space to report any breach for which we respond within 72 hours. Also, here we’re obliged to respond to data access requests within 30 days at no charge.

Commit yourself to the highest standards of GDPR compliance with Nunify.

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