Exhibitor Booths

Sponsors are a great way to generate capital for your event. Similar to a physical event, you should give your sponsor a dedicated area to showcase their brand’s products and services. Nunify allows organisers to manage and services with ample opportunities to monetize screen space.

Nunify offers exclusive virtual booths for your sponsors and exhibitors to host and display videos, images, brochures with offers, and custom CTA. Attendees can access these booths at any point during the event.

Setting up these booths is extremely simple. These booths also allow hosts to configure the looks and feel of the booth to suit the image of their brand. The organiser can also invite exhibitors to set up their own booths. These booths can also be customised according to the organiser or sponsors. These exhibitor booths also allow exhibitors to schedule and host video calls with prospective attendees who express interest in a product or service provided by them.

In addition to this, these exhibitor booths have a chatbot where attendees can chat during and outside office hours. This chatbot can be used to interact and engage with the sponsor or a representative. The chatbot can be used by attendees to express their desire for the showcased product or service.

Nunify also lets organisers track all interactions for lead generation and ROI analysis. Such an analysis will help both the organiser and sponsor to further understand attendee behaviour. This will help them host an even better virtual event next time.


1. Can sponsors customise these exhibitor booths?

Yes, both you and the sponsors can customise these booths. As the host of the event, you can invite sponsors to exhibit their product or services in the booth. Doing so also allows sponsors to customise these booths.

2. Can the chatbot be used 24×7?

The chat chatbot is open 24×7 which means you can send messages during and after office hours.

3. Can I video call the exhibitors?

Using the 1-on-1 video calling feature, you can schedule video calls with the exhibitor and vice versa.

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