DIY Content management

Nunify allows the host to make changes to all aspects of the webinar so that they can impress their attendees with an aesthetically pleasing and on-brand event site. The process is extremely user-friendly, so you can build and customize your site without any developers or designers. You can thus keep an eye on your event content and make necessary changes at any point in real-time.

We want to make sure that you achieve your objectives with your virtual event. So here’s what you get with our DIY content management system:

  1. Custom Branding: It’s your brand, your event, your experience. Make it personal with your own colours and dynamic graphics to make each online event look unique. Add tabs, videos, custom widgets and give your event a sleek and modern look.

  2. SEO: Our CMS tool also provides many on-page SEO features. This means you can easily optimise all types of content like the URL, page titles, meta descriptions and headers of the event page.

  3. Analytics: Accumulating data on content performance and its effectiveness is essential for organizations. Nunify’s CMS allows you to collect such information easily.

  4. Freedom and Flexibility: Get complete control over your event in terms of the visuals as well as the content. You don’t have to depend on other experts to make changes as our DIY system is super easy to use.

  5. Agility: You can make changes to your content quickly and easily and the modifications reflect on your event page instantly. You can make alterations to the agenda, the registration, speaker profiles, etc in real-time.

The best things about this feature is that it separates the content from the code. It gives the host a great degree of control over their event by providing sleek and intuitive tools that help with both backend management and front end registration.

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