DIY Booth by Exhibitor

Virtual event sponsorships are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness, generate leads and revenue for large and small businesses. Much like a physical event, a sponsor should be given a dedicated area to showcase their brand’s products and services.

Nunify offers virtual exhibitor booths for your sponsors and exhibitors to display their products and services. The exhibitor booths in Nunify are designed with the following objectives in mind –

  • Boost interactions
  • Lead generation
  • Information sharing
  • Facilitate networking

Setting up these booths is extremely simple. Sponsors and exhibitors can display brochures, images, videos and also custom call to action (CTA) buttons. Every booth comes equipped with a beautiful listing that is fully configurable. This means that the booths are fully customizable allowing sponsors and organisers to configure the looks and feel of the virtual space to suit the image and design aesthetic of their brand.

Attendees can interact with sponsors and exhibitors with ease. Both the sponsor and attendee can schedule and host video calls.

Each exhibitor booth supports –

  • Rich booth profile with a description, website link, phone number & Address
  • Video, image and pdf collaterals
  • Customisable CTA buttons
  • Easy contact exchange express interest with booth owners
  • Listing booth owners with the ability to chat and book video meetings
  • Video meeting rooms to facilitate networking & demos.
  • Group chat/ chatbot
  • Rich analytics for ROI analysis and lead generation.


As an attendee, can I speak/interact with any of the sponsors?
Yes, networking is an important part of Nunify’s virtual event experience. Both you and the sponsor can schedule video calls.

What are the benefits of having an event sponsor?
Having a sponsor is a great way to generate capital for your event. Apart from this, you also leverage the sponsor’s audience to increase the reach of your event.

I don’t want to video call the sponsor, how else can I communicate with them?
If you don’t want to video call the sponsor you can always use the chatbox to interact with them.

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