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Featuring ads is another way to increase networking between sponsors and attendees during your virtual event. Nunify features various spaces on the platform dedicated to displaying ads by sponsors and exhibitors. These spaces are completely brandable and allow sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products. If an attendee is interested in the product or service offered, Nunify offers features that allow both parties to schedule 1-on-1 video calls.

Nunify understands how important sponsors are for a successful event. They support event organisers and in return, organisers generate business for them. With Nunify, organisers can showcase their sponsors using display ads across multiple high traffic areas in the platform. These display ads can be images or gifs and can be easily updated from the backend. Each ad is clickable and sponsors get the full analytics of visits and clicks to determine ROI.

Display ads allow sponsors and exhibitors to increase the reach of their product and service. These ad spaces are available in the –

  • Landing Page
  • Agenda
  • Individual sessions
  • The lounge and more

The purpose of these ads is to drive traffic to your sponsors as attendees explore various areas of your Nunify event. Nunify supports multiple ad types like image, image carousel and gifs.

In addition to this analyzing data from ads can prove to be very useful to organizers and sponsors, as they can help drive ROI. For this reason, Nunify gives in-depth analytics like impressions, clicks, click-thru rates, etc. This is to help hosts and advertisers track and improve ROI.


Are the ads clickable?
Yes, all the displayed ads are clickable.

Are analytics provided for ads?
If yes, what kind of analytics are provided for the ads?
As mentioned above, in-depth analytics are provided for ads. The analytics provided include impressions, clicks, click-thru rates and more are provided.

Can I display video ads?
Yes, Nunify’s display ads feature allows the display of dynamic content including images, carousels, GIFs and videos.

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