Discover Attendees – Lounge

As an organiser, you might be curious about who is attending your event. To make this process simpler and hassle-free, Nunify has a ‘Discover attendees – lounge’. This lounge is the perfect space for organisers to figure out who is attending the event and for attendees to interact with each other.

In the Discover lounge, attendees can do the following activities –

  • Post updates
  • Like other attendees’ posts
  • Share posts they find interesting
  • Comment on each other’s posts as

The Discover attendees- lounge also features an event news feed where organisers can update the attendees about the event. It can also be used by hosts to post reminders, names of speakers, sponsors attending the event, contests, and any prizes given to the winner etc.

In addition to this attendees can also search, browse, or are suggested profiles (photo, social media links, and interests) based on personal interest. This way attendees won’t have to surf through a large list of people but can rather directly interact and engage with the ones they want.

Nunify aims to provide both the organisers and attendees a rich digital experience. In doing so it understands the needs and demands of both.


1. How do I gain access to the Discover attendees lounge?

Once you are registered for the event you will automatically be given access to the Discover attendees lounge.

2. Can organisers see this activity after the event has ended?

Yes, the organisers can see and access this activity after the event has finished. Nunify gives hosts or organisers full access when it comes to conducting the event. All spaces are brand-able and can be made to look as per the organiser’s wishes.

3. How can organisers use this feature for their benefit?

Organisers can use this feature to view who all are attending their event. In addition to this organiser can also send updates and information about the event. Suppose the event has a last minute time or date change, it can be updated on event news feed.

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