Custom Branding

Customers are more likely to return to a brand that is memorable and one with which they had a positive experience.

Using custom branding is one way to make your brand memorable. Good and effective branding builds recognition and loyalty to your company. More often than not customers are attracted to brands that they relate to or share similar values with. Showcasing what your company values through branding allows customers to build an emotional connection to you.

Nunify supports complete theming and branding according to your brand guidelines. An easy to use DIY admin dashboard allows easy customization on the fly and the changes are synced across all platforms in real-time, so your attendees always feel they are connected with your brand with familiar themes extending into the virtual events. Custom branding options give virtual events a personalised touch.

Using a distinctive colour theme or symbol consistently can become a representative icon of your business. Brands can prove to be convenient containers for a reputation and really make you stand out among competitors.

Here are a few areas where you can customise your branding on Nunify –

  • Themes and colours according to your brand guidelines
  • Background images that augment your campaign
  • Customisable exhibitor booths based on their branding
  • Customisable display ads based on the branding of your sponsors.


How long will the customisations take to reflect on the platforms?
The branding changes will be reflected immediately across all platforms.

Can display ads be customised too?
Yes, as mentioned above display ads can be customised based on the branding of your sponsors

How will I benefit from this feature?
As an organiser, the feature of custom branding can be very useful. This allows you to customize the event to match the feel and aesthetics of your brand. It, therefore, gives your audience a more personal feel.

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