BYOB - Bring Your Own Broadcast

BYOB – Bring Your Own Broadcast

BYOB - Bring Your Own Broadcast

How about adding something from other social media platforms to your online events? What about bringing in your little piece of work to the live broadcast? Sounds interesting, right? Experience the art of integrating the content from other platforms to your webinar platform and online events just with nunify.

nunify offers a one-click setup with other platforms like Youtube or Vimeo Live and allows the users to bring in their video to the online events at nunify. This feature is also called Bring Your Own Broadcast (BYOB) and allows the users to bring in the videos from other platforms on a live broadcast on nunify as an iFrame. A small window like an iFrame would open up on nunify’s online events and allow the users to present to the audience the video snippet.

With the acronym BYOB- “Bring Your Own Broadcast”, the Live feature of nunify, reflects our commitment to functionality, flexibility, and attention-to-detail for the users. nunify understands that the users might want to integrate a piece of video from other platforms and hence has made this feature available on the platform. This flexibility allows our customers to bring in a stream from their YouTube or Vimeo Live channel into one of their online events.

To make the entire process more functional, nunify Live allows the organizer to embed an iFrame link with a click of your mouse and allows the users to broadcast it and enjoy the video of another platform in mid of the live broadcast on nunify.

With a plethora of content available across platforms, the organisers usually want to refer to different channels – to pull in content that is relatable to the audience. With BYOB, this pain point of the organisers has been catered to by making nunify integrate content just with one click.

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