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An important aspect of a webinar or an online event is the ability to network. Networking is a great way to share ideas and knowledge, whether it is asking for feedback or giving opinions, it will help you expand your knowledge. Naturally, networking also results in opportunities. This may materialise in the form of a referral or partnership etc.

It also provides a great opportunity to further promote your business or company. If someone has a need for your products or services and if you have made an impression on them you will likely get a referral.

One way to network on an online event is with the help of video conferencing and meetings. Nunify lets attendees book video meetings with other attendees and exhibitors using an easy to use interface.

Nunify supports:

  • 1 on 1 video conference meetings
  • Group video conference meetings
  • Scheduling video conference meetings with a calendar invite
  • Networking sessions and configurable video conference meeting tables


Who can I schedule these video conferences with?
If you are an attendee, you can schedule a conference with sponsors, exhibitors, speakers/organizers and other attendees.

How do I know if a video conference meeting has been scheduled?
You will get a calendar invite with the time. Simply click on the link at the scheduled time to enter the meeting

Can I hold group video conference meetings?
Yes, you can host group video conferences and also 1-on-1 video conferences.

What is video conferencing
Video conferencing is a type of communication between two or more users regardless of their location. It features audio and video content.

What are the advantages of video conference
One of the main advantages of video conferencing is that it can be accessed from any part of the world. There is no geographical limitation as it happens online. With the development of technology, almost everyone has access to video conferencing, making it a very universal tool.

Can video conferencing replace business travel
It is possible for video conferencing to replace business travel given the cost-efficiency and easy accessibility. However, it might not completely replace business travel as something might have to be done in person. Regardless of this, there is a high possibility video conferencing can partially replace business travel.

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