Beautiful UX & design

Nunify is a virtual events platform that is designed with the host and attendee’s experience in mind. With the goal of promoting social interaction and engagement, Nunify is the platform for you to host a virtual event without compromising on real-life engagement.

The intuitive UX provides everyone with a clear demarcation on who are speakers/sponsors/attendees etc., Our goal is to be a virtual assistant to help the needs of attendees, organisers and sponsors. We measure success on ease-of-use and have therefore made the platform accessible and easily navigable.

Nunify supports simple to use no-code, drag and drop admin dashboard which lets you easily control design, theming, content, media and features. Attendees feel at home instantly after logging into a beautiful event landing page. They can navigate intuitively to different parts of your event, be it individual sessions, private or public chat or exhibitor booths.

Everything is easily accessible and live sessions are clearly listed within the agenda as well as in the live indicator tab. Notifications are pushed automatically across all platforms whenever a session goes live. This feature allows you to get maximum attendance in your sessions. When a session ends, the link to the next session pops up automatically to direct attendees to the same. Polls, chats & emoji reactions are integrated natively in the platform for maximum engagement. The intuitive UI drives engagement which reflects in the ROI.


How do I know my event has begun?
Nunify has a push notification feature that automatically sends notifications whenever a session goes live. This ensures that you don’t forget about your event.

I am not very tech-savvy, will I find it hard to use the platform?
You do not have to be tech-savvy to navigate through Nunify. The platform was designed to make events easily accessible. Everything is easy to find and live sessions are listed and reminded about regularly.

I am an organiser and I need help with setting up my event. Who can I contact?
You can send us an email to [email protected] if you’ve already signed up for an organizer account. You can also contact us by filling up the form and we’ll ensure someone from the team reaches out to help you navigate the platform.

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