Auto Recording & Replay

Minutes of the meetings i.e. keeping a note on everything said during a meeting, is a bit outdated now. Yet, if the information that is discussed in the meetings is not accounted for and kept a record of, it is possible that you might miss something important. However, if you do not want to jot the important things out every time somebody speaks – we have a solution.

nunify, the online events platform, provides the users with an option to automatically record all nunify™ Live broadcasts. A person can log in through phone or laptop and take on the option to record the webinars and keep them as a reference for a later time. The recording tools record all the information that is reflected on the screen, keeping a clear feed of the conversations that happened.

Recording online events help the people to keep a track of all that has happened. One can either instantly replay the recorded webinar or download the video to be broadcasted later.

Webinar recording tools have made life easier by giving organisers an advantage of going back to the recording to pick up the important pointers and also forward it to someone who has missed the meeting.

The recorded webinars by nunify are saved in a high-definition format, making it a gold mine of data for the organisations. With the same recorded online webinar, the marketers can reach out to larger audiences that have similar interests. As this pre-recorded high-quality content will reduce customer acquisition costs, nunify automatically records all sessions as a value-add for event organisers, sponsors, and corporations. The organiser / owner is given full access to Live recordings via nunify’s specially designed “drag-and-drop” CMS dashboard. The dashboard is about “functionality and ease-of-use” and allows you to download session recordings at the click of a button.

So do not stress about missing a meeting or creating a similar content piece yet again. With nunify, we have you recorded!

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