Advanced analytics & Data export

Leverage Nunify’s advanced analytics to make sound decisions and improvise your event at every step; as it provides an insight into event data, attendee engagement, networking activity, and much more.

With the constant rise in video consumption for virtual events and webinars among users, the need for virtual event platforms to embed advanced analytics technology has gone through the roof. Analytics provide organizations with a better understanding of their sessions & content’s performance and helps evaluate their event’s success in a few clicks.

Advanced analytics offered by Nunify enable you to capture every key aspect of virtual event data, analyze accurately, and create comprehensive reports to improve strategy and your organization’s ROI.

Using analytics technology, we track attendee action & behaviour to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of the value your virtual event can generate. Our dashboard gives you highly-organized and segregated data that your organization needs to optimize your event’s value.

We understand organizations are always on the lookout for advanced tools and mechanisms to monitor their attendees’ engagement and event’s success, to improvise their content, and achieve high ROI. To fulfill the aforementioned requirements, nunify’s designed its live streaming platform with metrics that enable you to access the data in no time.

While measuring the success of your virtual event, here are a few advantages that nunify, as a virtual event platform with powerful analytical metrics, offers its users.

  • Access interpreted and structured data from registration to event analytics.
  • Identify the weak points of your strategy and refine the strategy for better results.
  • Handle scheduling, registration, survey, etc all in one place, saving you time to improve other aspects of your event. 
  • Understand how much time an attendee spent on a session, what content they consumed, which exhibition/speaker/sponsor had the greatest impact, and much more. 
  • Exports the data and reports seamlessly and quickly.
  • Monitor traffic and performance of your virtual event in real-time. 
  • Nunify optimizes the event’s value by pre-planning and ultimately maximizing return on investment.
  • It captures the source and location of registrations. Also, provides you with UTMs and referrers for any virtual event or webinar.

Measure the success of your event in real-time and optimize your event with nunify’s advanced analytics.

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