Matchmaking & Speed Networking

Nunify understands the importance of networking in events. To meet these networking needs, Nunify is built to host any type of networking event. Hosts can set up video conferencing with rules to facilitate group or private networking.

Events are built around community and the connections we make with each other. At Nunify we aim to unify communities across event networks and focus on digitising engagement and interactions.

Matchmaking and speed networking are concepts that combine the advantages of in-person interaction but in a mobile online environment. As a result this eliminates the need for travel, geographical limitations and is also cost effective.

This type of networking allows the participants to attend meetings and interact with people from any given geographical location. Speed networking is where participants talk for a short amount of time, say 2 minutes with another person and then move to the next person. During this time, the company can present its products/services and other essential information.

Easy contact swapping based on consent, custom contact lists, text and video chat and meetings booking help attendees make the most of networking events.


1. Who can I network with?

You can network with virtually anyone present at the event or webinar. Nunify is a next generation online events platform that ensures that you get the best possible online events experience.

2. Is there an option for 1-on-1 video conferencing?

Yes, there is an option for 1-on-1 video conferencing. Both the organisers and attendees can set up private calls with whomever they wish to interact with.

3. What features are available for networking events?

Easy contact swapping based on consent, custom contact lists, text and video chat, meetings booking and more.

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