Activity Wall – Lounge

For attendees, interacting with each other is as important as listening to a keynote speaker or a panel discussion. Which is why the Nunify has an activity wall or social wall. This is a branded space for attendees to interact with and discover other people – pre/during/post live broadcasts.

An activity wall like this will allow attendees to discover people with similar interests and further interact with them. Attendees will be allowed to access this activity wall at a given point during or after the event. In fact, they have access to this wall even before the event starts.

Attendees can share their thoughts and engage with each in real-time via comments, likes, and shares.

As for the hosts, they can send event notifications on this wall and can also integrate other social media channels like Twitter, etc here as well. For hosts, this is a great opportunity to further their product or service.

This space is brand-able and supports images as well as dynamic content like gif banner to facilitate sponsor visibility.


1. What can I use the Activity wall for?

The activity wall can be used to post updates and also to view other attendees’ posts, comment on them, like them, and also share them. It can be used to interact with attendees who will be taking part in the event.

2. When can I access the Activity wall?

Like any other feature offered by Nunify, the activity wall can be accessed and used by attendees during any point of the event be it -pre/during/post the event.

3. As a host, what are the benefits of the Activity wall?

The space is completely brand-able meaning this space can be customised to fit the feel and image of your brand. You can also send event notifications, which can include reminders to the attendees. In addition to this, social media channels can also be integrated into the activity wall.

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