Reaction emojis

Attendees can now react during webinar live stream/on-demand with emojis. We provide you analytics to guage the content quality

Enterprise-grade security

We at Nunify take your security seriously. Our virtual events platform is built to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements. Enterprise-grade security is added to every single part of Nunify. Our security programme protects our organisation as well as your data at every layer. There are also other features that ensure more control, […]

GDPR Compliant

Data security is every organization’s paramount concern that is why Nunify has been a GDPR compliant ever since its inception. With organisations shifting to virtual platforms for their business, effective data security becomes a crucial part of today’s data-driven digital world. At nunify we provide the attendees with exclusive data security and data protection. Just […]

Scalable Streaming

Reach a larger audience without worrying about the occupancy and other limiting factors of an in-person event, with Nunify live streaming/ virtual event platform. The rising trend of virtualization has benefited a large number of organisations in enhancing their businesses, and this trend only seems to grow with time. A larger audience requires a larger […]

Advanced analytics & Data export

Leverage Nunify’s advanced analytics to make sound decisions and improvise your event at every step; as it provides an insight into event data, attendee engagement, networking activity, and much more. With the constant rise in video consumption for virtual events and webinars among users, the need for virtual event platforms to embed advanced analytics technology […]

Moderation & Ban attendees

You have complete control over every aspect of your webinar/virtual event. Control SPAM, Ban users, Moderate questions. Ask us if we missing something

Free 24×7 Chat & Email Support

In a world that now heavily relies on virtual communication, we understand the requirement for consistent support and quick response time. Webinars and virtual events need to be available anytime anywhere, so we are here to help you out and answer any and every question you might have. We have a five-star customer support team […]

Mobile Apps

Rich mobile interactions available on native iOS & Android apps for mobile & responsive UI make it iPad/tablet ready

Beautiful UX & design

Nunify is a virtual events platform that is designed with the host and attendee’s experience in mind. With the goal of promoting social interaction and engagement, Nunify is the platform for you to host a virtual event without compromising on real-life engagement. The intuitive UX provides everyone with a clear demarcation on who are speakers/sponsors/attendees […]

Custom Branding

Customers are more likely to return to a brand that is memorable and one with which they had a positive experience. Using custom branding is one way to make your brand memorable. Good and effective branding builds recognition and loyalty to your company. More often than not customers are attracted to brands that they relate […]

No Downloads

Nunify understands that having downloadable software can prove to be frustrating. The whole process of downloading software can be time-consuming, in addition to this software downloads can sometimes possess a security risk to your device. In order to prevent this, Nunify’s webinar platform is browser-based which doesn’t need any downloads to access this. There are […]

Go Live within Minutes

We know that it takes a lot to run an online live event. A lot of preparation goes into running a live event. Starting with planning & rehearsals to execution. Be it a webinar, virtual conference, product launch, virtual expo, an online course or a workshop or any other event, Nunify aims to make your […]

Single Branded URL

Nunify is an online events platform that lets you host a multitude of events including – webinars, video conferences, product launches, hybrid events, virtual expos, online training or courses and much more. When holding online events we understand that you may wish to hold more than one session or even different types of sessions. However, […]

DIY Content management

Nunify allows the host to make changes to all aspects of the webinar so that they can impress their attendees with an aesthetically pleasing and on-brand event site. The process is extremely user-friendly, so you can build and customize your site without any developers or designers. You can thus keep an eye on your event […]

Exhibitor Booths

Sponsors are a great way to generate capital for your event. Similar to a physical event, you should give your sponsor a dedicated area to showcase their brand’s products and services. Nunify allows organisers to manage and services with ample opportunities to monetize screen space. Nunify offers exclusive virtual booths for your sponsors and exhibitors […]

Display Ads

Featuring ads is another way to increase networking between sponsors and attendees during your virtual event. Nunify features various spaces on the platform dedicated to displaying ads by sponsors and exhibitors. These spaces are completely brandable and allow sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products. If an attendee is interested in the product or service […]


Booth is open 24×7 – attendees can either chat live during office hours or drop offline message that exhibitors receive

Virtual briefcase

Bookmark booths, collateral, images, videos that attendee can access anytime, anywhere

Book video meetings

An important aspect of a webinar or an online event is the ability to network. Networking is a great way to share ideas and knowledge, whether it is asking for feedback or giving opinions, it will help you expand your knowledge. Naturally, networking also results in opportunities. This may materialise in the form of a […]

DIY Booth by Exhibitor

Virtual event sponsorships are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness, generate leads and revenue for large and small businesses. Much like a physical event, a sponsor should be given a dedicated area to showcase their brand’s products and services. Nunify offers virtual exhibitor booths for your sponsors and exhibitors to display […]

Breakout & Meeting rooms

Listening to keynote speakers and other exciting panel discussions are a key component of virtual events. However, an important part of events like these is the ability for attendees to meet and interact with other attendees. Breakout rooms are a great way to improve interaction amongst the attendees. Breakout rooms are especially useful when you […]

1:1 Video calls

The shift from in-person to online/virtual events has been fast due to the on-going global pandemic. Numerous companies, schools, and so on have moved bases completely online. This has only happened thanks to the advancements made in technology especially video conferencing. The key component of virtual events is video calling. Nunify understands the necessity of smooth […]

Private & Public Chat

The use of chat makes it easier for both the attendees and organisers to interact with each other. Not only can it be used to communicate without causing disturbance to others but is also effective in doing so. Chat is the cornerstone of communication on any virtual events platform. It is also often possible that […]

Discover Attendees – Lounge

As an organiser, you might be curious about who is attending your event. To make this process simpler and hassle-free, Nunify has a ‘Discover attendees – lounge’. This lounge is the perfect space for organisers to figure out who is attending the event and for attendees to interact with each other. In the Discover lounge, […]

Activity Wall – Lounge

For attendees, interacting with each other is as important as listening to a keynote speaker or a panel discussion. Which is why the Nunify has an activity wall or social wall. This is a branded space for attendees to interact with and discover other people – pre/during/post live broadcasts. An activity wall like this will […]

Interactive Rooms

Dedicated area for session handouts, chat, pre-moderated questions that can be up-voted for speakers to view.

Invite anyone on-screen

No more “Everyone please mute mic”. You can control which attendees come live during a broadcast using Raise hand

Pop-up Polls

Ability for host or speaker to create polls that pop-up during, pre, post broadcasts and see live results.

Share Screen & Videos

You not only can screen-share, but can insert Full HD videos during a Nunify™ Live stream

Sponsored Spaces & Offers

We support dynamic content – carousel, GIFs etc., that can be used to showcase sponsors or offers

Auto Recording & Replay

All Nunify™ Live broadcasts are recorded automatically. Either provide instant replay or download video for post-broadcast Edit

Zero-delay HD Live Stream Broadcast

live stream

Nunify’s proprietary live streaming – Nunify™ Live provides less than 0.4s delay for upto 1 Million attendees for webinars & virtual events

Matchmaking & Speed Networking

Nunify understands the importance of networking in events. To meet these networking needs, Nunify is built to host any type of networking event. Hosts can set up video conferencing with rules to facilitate group or private networking. Events are built around community and the connections we make with each other. At Nunify we aim to […]

Push Notifications

Promote your next webinar? Showcase sponsors/exhibitor booths? Launch offers? Push notifications at will with Nunify across the website and apps.

Gamification & Contests

Virtual event gamification is one of the fastest-growing trends. Virtual events gamification brings spectacular engagement opportunities for attendees to interact with each other and also with the organizers as well as sponsors. Online event gamification is at the heart of engagement and Nunify provides excellent tools for the same. As an organizer, you can also […]


Deliver perfect video every time with simulated live broadcasts. Record broadcast in advance and interact with attendees Live