Portugal Golden Visa:
Best investments, processes & procedures

November 27; 11am-12pm

Portugal’s Golden Visa programme is the fastest and the most affordable way to gain EU citizenship. Investors and their dependents can obtain Portuguese passport after five years without relocating to Portugal. Access to Schengen nations and Portugal’s high-quality healthcare, education, and business opportunities are the key factors driving high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) to opt for the Golden Visa scheme.

Earlier this month, Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa discussed the possibility of reevaluating the Golden Visa programme. This announcement has triggered a flurry of activities in Portugal’s real estate sector as investors from across the world are trying to buy properties to guarantee the residency permit (Golden Visas).

Since the options for properties eligible for the Golden Visa programme are limited, industry experts are recommending prospective investors to proceed as soon as possible.


David Machado

Partner, PTGolden Visa

Sally Mousa

Moderator, Gulf News

Tiago Camara

Partner , PTGolden Visa