Planova Seminar 2021 India

Fri, 12th Feb 2021 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Greetings from Planova!!! Firstly, allow me to express gratitude for all those who are working tirelessly for developing and producing drugs to fulfil demand of our society during these unprecedented times of coronavirus pandemic. Asahi KASEI is standing with these corona warriors as “Bioprocess Solution Supplier “using established brand like “PlanovaTM” As a matter of fact we have committed support to the alliance formed to develop unbranded plasma-derived therapy (i.e. anti-SARS-CoV 2 polyclonal hyperimmune immunoglobulin medicine(H-IG) from the blood plasma of COVID 19 recovered patient to treat individuals with serious complications from the same disease. We are pleased to announce Planova™ India Webinar as part of our effort towards “connecting in pandemic” with social responsibility. This event will be held on 12th February 2021. We look forward for your enthusiastic participation.

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Andy Bailey, Ph.D.


Atsuo Kubota

Asahi Kasei Medical

Daniel Strauss, Ph.D.

Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America

Kurt Brorson, Ph.D.

Parexel International

Ralf Klein, Ph.D.


Takayuki Nishizaka, Ph.D.

Gakushuin University