Invest in real estate in Portugal for Golden Visa

Saturday, November 5, 2022; 11am-12pm

Demand for real estate in Portugal has gained traction in recent years, with high-net-worth people from across the world investing in this European nation. Buying property for Golden Visa is an excellent way to secure your family's future. Official statistics reveal that 90 per cent of all Golden Visa investments in 2021 were property related. Benefits of Portugal’s Golden Visa include access to free healthcare, world-class education, and visa-free travel option to Schengen nations. Portuguese citizenship can also be acquired after five years.  

Earlier this year, the Portuguese government introduced various new measures to diversify investments in the country’s interior regions. Foreign investors can now purchase residential assets only in designated interior areas of Portugal and islands. However, in high-density areas, it is still possible to invest in commercial properties.


David Machado

Partner, PTGolden Visa

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Moderator, Gulf News

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