Why am I not able to access the platform?

There could be multiple reasons for you not being able to access the platform:

  1. The event link shared is not correct. Please confirm the event link with the organizer and try again
  2. You are trying to access the event over a mobile device. While we are working towards making the solution mobile and accessible, it currently works only via a laptop/desktop. Thus, we would request you to access the link over PC
  3. The browser with which you are trying to access the link is not upto-date. You can check whether your browser meets the Nunify requirements or not by tapping on this link. If not, then please update the browsers. If your browser requirements are met, and still you are not able to access the platform, then please do a system check from this link
  4. The event you are trying to access is whistle listed and you don’t have the necessary permissions. Please reach out to the organizer for help.
  5. The link that you are trying to access is not available and expired. Once the event is over, many organizers revoke access to the event to prevent any misuse of data. We would request you to reach out to the organizer for help.

This marks the end of this article. If you are still facing issues in accessing your event. Please feel free to reach out to us on support@aida.io & we would be happy to help.


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