Best Practices for your upcoming LIVE event!

We highly recommend the below tips to enhance your live event experience.

Before the event goes LIVE:

  1. Ask your speakers/hosts to plug laptop battery, Switch off other browser windows and applications (especially Netflix, Youtube, Spotify even if they aren’t viewing it)
  2. Ask your speakers/hosts to ask other members sharing their home network to not use any heavy streaming devices or downloads (like video games, netflix etc.,)
  3. For all sessions, 15 minutes prior ensure your speaker(s) & host(s) are live with their camera/mic and they can hear and speak to each other 
  4. For all sessions, Start the Broadcast 5 minutes prior  the designated time and notify attendees Live you are starting soon. (You can “Mute-all” )
  5. Ensure you ask speakers/hosts to check the network connection indicator. Indicate to you if they have poor connections. If they do face issues ask them to run the test here – 

During the sessions:

  1. Ensure the host call outs & you message on chat at the start – “Viewers to switch off VPN and check browser compatibility (Same is there in Having trouble section)”
  2. As a host if you aren’t going to participate switch to “Spectate mode” (This saves upload/download bandwidth)
  3. If they still facing trouble ask them to ping you one 1-1 chat and follow instructions here –
  4. If any speaker/host faces connectivity issue ask them to switch of camera first. Then try and test 
  5. If you have multiple sessions ensure you provide the LINK of the next session going live in previous sessions’ chat window, Lounge AND push notifications (recommend asking previous session host calling it out too)

Best of luck for your event and happy to be a part of it to make it a success.