Onsite checkin Overview

This is an overview of the Onsite check-in module. Key topics we cover are: 

Features & Samples

  1. Onsite checkin – Click here for video
  2. Onsite Ticket Sales

Feature Deliverables

Onsite Checkin

  • Access to secure admin portal
  • Encrypted unique QR code for each attendee
  • Access to the iPad checkin app to check-in pre-registered and on-spot registrations
  • Multiple ticket types (FREE)
  • Multi-guest checkin (support of plus 1s)
  • Multiple location checkin
  • Check-in Analytics
  • Attendee list excel Import & Export

Badge Design

  • DIY badge designer
  • Unique attendee badge PDFs ready to be printed on-site using nunify onsite badge print feature, or downloaded as a zip file

Onsite Badge Print

  • All deliverables listed in Onsite Checkin
  • Printers supported
    • AirPrint enabled printers – List here
    • Zebra GX430T, Zebra ZD500, Zebra ZD600

Onsite Ticket Sales

  • All deliverables listed in Onsite Checkin
  • Ticketing & Payment system inside checkin app (Needs active Stripe account)

Along with the above feature deliverable, DIY documentation/videos will be provided. Admin panel access will be provided to update content, design, feature setup, view analytics etc. Included is 24×7 Email Tech support as per our SLA

Any changes to the features will be a customization request for which you’ll need to contact our sales team – [email protected]

Feature Turnaround Times

The below times indicate the time taken by the nunify support to deliver the features listed and/or to provide access for content updates. We would require all content and other assets listed in “What do you need to get started?”. The deliverable will not include any content update & design setup. You will be provided an out of the design(wherever applicable)

Following turnaround times does not assume ANY managed services. Turnaround times do not include any content updates or custom changes. Requests need to be sent to [email protected]. Refer to SLAs for business hours & other response times.

FeatureTurnaround Time
Onsite CheckinAvailable as do-it-yourself (DIY)
Badge DesignAvailable DIY
Onsite Badge PrintAvailable DIY
Multi-location CheckinAvailable DIY

What do you need to get started?

Here is a list of things you need to get started with onsite check-in

Onsite Checkin– List of attendees. Can be uploaded directly on the admin portal OR use nunify Registration module (integrated)
– iPads. Should have iOS 12 or above
– Registration form fields for walk-ins
– Active at venue internet (min. 2MBPS)
Badge Design– Basic design of the badge
Onsite badge Print– All in Onsite Checkin
– At venue Printers – Supported printers
– Badges/labels/paper
Onsite Ticket Sales– All in Onsite Checkin
– Active Stripe Account

This marks the end of this article. If you have any questions please reach out to us at support@nunify.com & we would be happy to help.