Onboarding document – Design a Badge

This is the onboarding document that will help you in designing a badge. In this document, we will cover the following topics:

Event Setup

  • Create your event from this link
  • Add the Basic info for the event from the Event Details Tab.
  • Save the changes

The event is now ready to design a badge

Design a Badge

  • Click on “Checkins” present in the Active Modules section on the admin portal
  • Click on “Manage” in Badge Design
  • Choose the size of the Badge based on your requirements and printer capabilities
  • You can switch between a badge color, orientation and grids on the badge
  • Click on “Save”

Customize the Badge

You can customize the layout of the badge. The four elements available are Rectangle, Circle, Images & Text. You can change the properties of the elements from the “Config” section present on the right side of the badge.

Personalize the Badge

You can personalize the badge by adding elements which will be unique to each attendee based on the attendee detail. The available elements are Name, Designation, Company, Ticket Type & QR Code.

Design Badges for Different Ticket Types

You can set up different Badge designs for individual ticket types –

  • Define the ticket types – How to link here
  • Naviage to the available ticket type present under “Badge Design” present on the LHS of the page
  • Click on the +Add Design
  • Select the ticket type for which you wish to design the badge
  • Follow the same steps as in “Design a Badge”

This marks the end of this article. If you have any questions, please email support@nunify.com & we would be happy to help.