Nunify Attendee: Checklist

As an Attendee for an upcoming Nunify event, here’s a list of things you should confirm for an optimal experience!

  • Click here to check the browser requirements
  • Click here run a connectivity test
  • Click here to check the recommended internet bandwidth
  • Click here to check on how to give Nunify Mic & Camera Access

Recommended Tips:

  • If your device is on WiFi, moving closer to your router can help in a better experience
  • Please ensure that you are not using VPN
  • Please ensure that your device is plugged-in
  • If possible, keep a back-up internet source
  • Closing out any unused/competing applications can help free up resources
  • You may experience choppy audio/video when you initially turn on and connect your devices—this occurs as the connection is first being established and is normal. Once it successfully connects, everything should clear up.
  • Ensure your network connection is not being utilized for heavy Upload / Download activities of large files.
  • High-bandwidth streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix may also affect your connectivity. (even if running on background)


Not able to Join or View the streamClick here to run a wizard and check if everything is in order
Not able to hear other SpeakersThe volume of your speakers/headphones might be turned down too low. – Try turning up the volume gradually until you can hear something!
Others are not able to hear youIf you are not in the stream via “Raise Hand”, other attendees/speakers/hosts wont be able to hear you

This marks the end of this article. If you are still facing issues. Email & we would be happy to help.