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How to mute/unmute an individual Speaker or all Speakers?

What you’ll learn:

  • How to mute/unmute speakers?

What you’ll need:

Time1 minute
Pre requisites– Being a Host
– Access to a Nunify LIVE session

Nunify allows the Host to mute the speakers as well as the attendees*. The Host also gets the capability to request a particular speaker to unmute if its their chance to speak.

How to mute/unmute speakers?

  • Access the Nunify LIVE session
  • On the top-right of the page, you will find the MUTE ALL button
  • When MUTE ALL will be tapped, it will Mute all the speakers and attendees* in the session. They will also receive a notification that they have been muted by the Host
  • You can also mute/unmute individual speakers or attendees by tapping on the downward arrow button present next to the MUTE ALL button
  • Muting an individual speaker or attendee sends a notification that they have been muted by the Host. You can also request them to unmute themselves, once requested, they receive a notification to do the same

Note: The Host can only mute the attendees if they are LIVE in the stream via Raise-Hand

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