How to invite others to join the event or a session?

What you’ll learn:

What you’ll need:

Time1 minute
Pre requisites– Access to a Nunify LIVE session

How to share the event details?
  • Access the Nunify event
  • Go to the landing page of the event
  • Share the event details over mail or your social accounts by tapping on the options available under the Share this event section
How to share the session details?
  • Access the Nunify session
  • Go to the URL bar(This is available on the top-of the page and contains the page address on your web browser)
  • Copy the web address and share it for others to access the session

Note: Sharing the session or event details depends on the type of the event, if the event is open for all, then the user with whom you have shared the event/session details will be able to access. If the event/session is whitelisted then the user with whom you have shared the details might not be able to join. Please check with the organizer for more info.

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