How to Integrate a Zoom Stream on Nunify?

  • What you’ll learn : How to set up a Zoom Stream for a session?

What you’ll need:

Time3 Minutes
Pre – requisitesPro, Business, Education, or Enterprise  zoom account.Enabled Custom Live Streaming of meetings from the “In Meeting (Advanced)” Settings section on your Zoom Account.

Step 1 – Start your Zoom session –

  • Login to your Zoom account and start the meeting.
  • Once you start the meeting, click on “More” Option available.
  • Choose “Live on Custom Live Streaming Service”.
  • Zoom allows you to add a Streaming URL, Streaming Key and Live Streaming Page URL.

Step 2 – Setup your Nunify/AIDA session – 

  • Click on “Content
  • Click “Stage
  • Click on “Add Session
  • Choose “Zoom Stream” from the options available.
  • Fill the details of your stream.
  • Click on “Save” once you add the details.
  • On saving a session, there will be RTMP URL and RTMP Token available, Copy the URL and the token to your clipboard.

Step 3 – Start your Stream –

  • Paste the copied RTMP URL within the Streaming URL field on Zoom Web.
  • Paste the RTMP Token within the Streaming Key field on Zoom web.
  • Paste the LIVE Session link within the field “Live Streaming Page URL” OR paste the following link –
  • Click on “Go Live!”
  • Once there is a confirmation from zoom that you are Live on Custom Live Streaming Service, open the session and click on “Go Live”
  • This will start the zoom stream for your audience.
  • Once the session is over, you can click on “Stop” and it will end the stream to your audience. 

This marks the end of this article. If you are still facing issues. Email [email protected] & we would be happy to help.