How to Go Live from a Session?

What you’ll learn:

  • How to stream from your web camera within a session as a Host or a Speaker?

What you’ll need:

Time1 minute
Pre requisitesEvent listing with sessions added
Being a Host or Being a Speaker
Optimum System Requirements
Mic & Camera access to Nunify

Step 1 – Click on the session you wish to Go Live from and you will see the following screen.

Step – 2 – Click on “Join Now”

Step – 3 – Click on START and then JOIN IN as seen on the screen below

Step 4 – You are Live and Broadcasting!

In a nutshell –

To ClickComments
Start Streaming“Join Now”You need to give mic and camera access
Start Streaming“START”Press Start when you are ready
Start StreamingYesYou are now LIVE

This marks the end of this article. If you are still facing issues. Email & we would be happy to help.