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How to create and respond to Polls?

What you’ll learn:

What you’ll need:

Time2 minutes
Pre requisites– Being a Host/Speaker
– Being an Admin
– Access to a Nunify LIVE session

Nunify allows the attendee’s to respond to polls and the Host along with the speaker has the capability to push the poll questions from the session screen. The admin can also create polls from the backend and push them LIVE at the optimum time

How to create poll from the session screen?
  • Access the Nunify LIVE session
  • Tap on the +(Plus) button present in the toolbar available on the session screen
  • Click on the Publish Poll button
  • Type in the Poll question and the options
  • Click on Publish Poll to make it LIVE

Note: This capability is only available to the Session Speaker and the Host

How to create poll questions from the backend?
  • Access the Nunify backend
  • Click on Manage Agenda from the Home section
  • Go to the Session for which you wish to create the poll questions
  • Click on View Polls
  • Click on Add a Poll
  • Type in the Poll question and the options
  • Tap on Save. The Poll question is now in Draft mode
  • Tap on Publish whenever you wish to make the question LIVE in the session

Note: This capability is only available to the Admin

How to answer poll questions?
  • Access the Nunify LIVE session
  • You can either choose an option when the poll pops-up on the left of the session screen to respond to the poll
  • You can also Tap on the Polls tab present in the bottom bar of the screen & choose the option you find most relevant to the question
  • You have now answered the poll

Note: This capability is available to the Host, Speaker and all the Attendees

This marks the end of this article. If you are still facing issues. Email & we would be happy to help.