How to add Speakers for your event?

What you’ll learn:

What you’ll need:

Time1 minute
AssetsSpeaker Photo(Optional)
Pre-requisites– Access to
– Existing Event listing
– Speaker Details

You could either watch the video or follow the below mentioned steps:

How to add/update single speaker details?
  • Click on “Home
  • Click on  “Manage People
  • Click on “Add User”
  • Follow the information given in the table below
  • Click “Save” on the top right. In case you have scrolled down please scroll back up
  • Refresh your schedule page. The changes are now Live!

To addClickAdditional Comments
A speakerFirst Name” fieldMandatory
A speaker“Last Name” fieldOptional
A speaker“Email” fieldMandatory – Ensure that the email id is unique and correct
A speakerGroups” fieldMandatory – Select the Group “Speakers”
A speaker“Designation” fieldOptional but recommended
A speaker“Company” fieldOptional but recommended
A speaker“Profile Photo” fieldOptional but recommended

Tip: Please ensure that all the speaker details viz. Photo, designation and company name are added.

The system also allows you to bulk upload all the speaker details.

How to bulk upload speakers via excel?
  • Click on “Home
  • Click on  “Manage People
  • Click on “Import Users”
  • Click on “Download Template”
  • Fill in the required info. First Name & Email Id is Mandatory
  • Download the sheet (In Excel Format)
  • Click on “Choose File”
  • Ensure that all the errors shown by the system have been rectified
  • Click on “Prepare to Import”
  • Click on “Looks Good. Import”
  • The system will now import the sheet
  • Refresh the speakers page. The changes are now Live!

Import Excel sheet fieldsMeansAdditional Comments
salutationSalutation for the speakerOptional
first_nameFirst Name of the speakerMandatory
last_nameLast Name of the speakerOptional
emailEmail-id of the speakerMandatory – Ensure that the email id is unique and correct
phoneContact number of the speakerOptional
designationDesignation of the speakerOptional but recommended
companyCompany of the speakerOptional but recommended
groupsGroup which the speaker belongs toMandatory – Type in “Speakers”
aboutSpeaker BioOptional


  • Please ensure that all the data added is correct
  • Please do not alter the header fields in anyway, this will lead to an import failure
  • If you wish to amend details post-upload, you can do the same in the sheet and upload again
  • Leave the column blank where you do not intend to upload any details for eg. “Pin” column


This marks the end of this article. If you are still facing issues. Email & we would be happy to help.


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