What to Look for when searching for a Virtual Events platform for your Online Live Concert

With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting live, in-person events, virtual events have made a mark for themselves as the means to conduct a variety of engaging events around different themes. Concerts are a key example of an activity that can be organized on a virtual event platform and can reach a global audience, which would not have been possible if the same concert was being organized as an in-person event.

To replicate a physical event online, all aspects of the event, including its set-up, marketing, ticketing, and more, must be explored from the lens of a remote viewer or attendee. As a next-generation webinar & virtual events platform, Nunify supports Hybrid event streaming, as well as Hybrid event management – which are essential features to organize a live concert online.

There are multiple benefits of using Nunify Studio for your hybrid event requirement, namely:

Offer Viewers an HD+ live stream
Streaming through Nunify studio allows for a high-quality audio & video live stream as the video is captured by a professional camera + mic setup. It also allows you to control your broadcasting environment with respect to staging, lighting, etc.

Use Post-production effects
Using a software encoder allows you to apply various post-production effects to the live stream. These include changing backgrounds, mixing in video from other sources, placing your speaker on the stage and much more.

Adaptive streaming for attendees
Nunify adjusts stream quality for every attendee based on their internet bandwidth. This allows attendees to experience smoother video playback by allowing uninterrupted streaming as per the bandwidth made available to the attendee by their ISP.

For a virtual concert to be successful, these are some salient points that should be considered when you are looking for a virtual platform to host your event and make the concert experience as close to the actual in-person event experience as possible.

1. Choose a platform with high-quality live streaming

Nunify offers zero-delay HD Live stream broadcast, for a rich, immersive experience. For a live music streaming event, you need to make sure that the virtual experience you are offering to your attendees is at par with the experience of the actual event. So, the audio and visual quality of your online event should be of the best quality.

Nunify also allows you to simultaneously stream your event to social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube. This allows you to engage with audiences on multiple platforms, and boost your concert’s viewership

2. Monetize your Virtual Concert

With Nunify Monetize, you have access to a user-friendly interface for integrated registration with multiple payment options. You can also set up various levels of ticketing, to offer attendees access to different features. VIP tickets can offer a virtual meet-and-greet with the artists and downloadable goodies, while general tickets can offer access only to the musical acts.

Your event’s landing page serves as a one-stop destination for all information related to the event, as well as for the ticket purchase. This will significantly improve user experience, and boost attendee numbers as Nunify offers convenience to you, the organizer, as well as to the user.

Your event’s sponsors get dedicated real-estate on your event page through a sponsor showcase, and can also pay you for dedicated exhibitor booths, which attendees can visit to engage with your event’s sponsors.

3. The Platform should support a large audience

To ensure that your virtual concert does not crash due to a large number of attendees, you need to make sure that the virtual platform you have chosen has the bandwidth to host a large number of people. You want your virtual event to have a wide reach and hence, you need a platform that will not only allow unrestricted entry but also ensure a lag-free experience while live streaming simultaneously to various platforms.

4. Platform Engagement offerings

While the musical performance is the mainstay of your online concert, it’s also imperative that you engage your audience throughout the performance. Nunify offers you various features like interactive rooms, integrated public & private chat, pop-up polls and reaction emojis for your audience to stay engaged not only with the host, but also with each other. This will ensure a stimulating atmosphere, even virtually.

5. Event Analytics

From assessing attendee behaviour to attendee engagement, Nunify offers you in-depth analytics to assess all aspects of your event. Post-event analytics help you to gauge the level of engagement and make required changes to your event flow to plan future events in a better manner, and keep improving the experience of your audience with each concert.

6. Virtual event marketing 

For your online event to be a success, it needs to reach as many people as possible. Nunify offers in-built invitations and emailers, along with in-built registrations and automated reminder emails and push notifications for registered attendees.

Nunify also offers a single branded URL for your event page, which makes it user-friendly by eliminating the hassle of multiple URLs for registrations and event sessions. This will help you to promote your event smoothly, while ensuring that your attendees have a wonderful event experience.

While it takes a little initial effort to pick an ideal platform and factor in the investment required for an online event, a well-conducted online event will offer a good ROI by virtue of its unlimited, global reach. A virtual event ensures that your event reaches people in remote locations and caters to those who would not have had access to the physical event.

Many people are now choosing to actively attend virtual concerts as it’s a conveniently-accessible source of entertainment, and allows for an immersive experience in the comfort of one’s home.

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