What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events are events that have a presence both in the real and virtual world. Typically these events have a small in-person gathering while it is live streamed or webcast to a larger virtual audience which can consume the content from anywhere (especially the safety of their homes).

Let’s try this another way. You have already experienced a hybrid event. Don’t believe us ? Think of the sports match(NBA finals?), the news panel discussion(Vote results?), the award shows (Oscars?), the product launch (Apple keynote?), internal corporate event (Remote townhall?) .What’s common ?

Small in-person audience ✅

Sizable remote viewing audience ✅

Live audio & video streaming ✅

Increased brand visibility & awareness ✅

But what is amiss in all those examples was lack of the remote audience participation and the lack of hassle-free tools for such a hybrid production. And that’s where Nunify is ready to help. 

Integrated platform to manage all types of events

With Nunify you can manage virtual, real world events and even hybrid events. 

Unified registration, ticketing & analytics 

Add tickets to your event easily and control access to areas of your virtual, real world or hybrid event. 

Contactless onsite checkin, badge printing, attendee tracking & easy access control 

Checkin your guests onsite with advanced QR code or RFID technology. During checkin, easily print badges or distribute RFID bands and track and control access of attendees through the various areas of your physical events like the sessions they attend or exhibitors they visit. 

Gamification – Online & offline 

Gamify actions on the platform like posting and commenting, viewing live streams etc to real life actions like attending a session or visiting an exhibitor. Display individual or team leaderboards to foster engagement and distribute goodies online or offline to the most engaged attendees. 

Multi-source & multi broadcast live streams, multi track agendas

Live stream your real life sessions using different sources like webcam, studio camera, pre-recorded video, on-demand video or even youtube or facebook streams. Run unlimited parallel or breakout sessions for the full hybrid feel.

Get speakers to go live using their webcams or invite them into a studio with a small crew and produce the show professionally with studio equipment. Nunify integrates easily with RTMP streaming software like OBS which allows you a ton of creative control over your live stream. 

Networking – Virtual & Onsite

Facilitate networking with video conference on networking tables and with exhibitors on Nunify along with private and group chat. Access control networking areas onsite or allow attendees to exchange contact information via the app instead of exchanging business cards to maximise safety and social distancing. 

Engage audiences across all platforms

Your event is automatically available to your attendees across several platforms for maximum reach and engagement. Available on desktop, iOs & Android.

We are the Webinar & Virtual event Experts.

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