Top 5 Webinar Platforms for Small Businesses

Powered by the internet and digital media, small businesses have quickly tapped into global opportunities that were beyond their reach just a decade ago. Through social media, live interactions, and email marketing, businesses can reach out to their audiences, forge a relationship, cultivate a set of loyal customers, and compete with established names without burning a hole in their pockets. 

One of the key marketing and lead generation tools used by companies to educate their audience and nurture leads is webinars. In fact, 52% of all B2B marketers incorporate webinars into some part of their sales funnel – from lead generation to nurturing to customer support. 

But webinars cannot help grow your business and drive sales unless you use the right platform. Choosing the right platform can be tricky. With hundreds of softwares in the market, each boasting of a variety of features, it’s difficult to pick the right one. 

Eventually, the decision boils down to this – 

What are your goals with the webinar, and how does the platform tie into those goals? 

To make the decision easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 webinar platforms for small businesses. 

Top Webinar Platforms for Small Businesses 

Before you invest in a webinar platform, take a look at these important factors and how they affect your audience experience. 

  1. Is the user interface simple enough for anyone to use? 
  2. Is it browser-based, app-based, or requires a plugin? 
  3. How many attendees does it allow per room? 
  4. If you have multiple speakers, how can they be integrated into a single event seamlessly? 
  5. Does it have inbuilt marketing tools such as emails, pop-up CTAs, and shareable social media buttons? 
  6. Does it support live as well as on-demand webinars? 
  7. What engagement tools does it have? 
  8. Is the audio-visual delivery smooth and seamless? 

The right platform will not only make your webinar more engaging to your audience but will also make your brand more memorable and trustworthy. 

Here is the list of the top 5 webinar platforms for small businesses. 


Demio is one of the most popular webinar software for good reason – the interface is clean and easy-to-use, it has tons of automation, and it’s browser-based. As marketers, it’s up to us to ensure that the attendees can experience the webinar without fumbling around with the software. Demio fits this bill perfectly! 

Additionally, Demio offers both live and on-demand webinars allowing you to send recordings to the part of your audience that couldn’t attend the live session. It also has inbuilt email reminders as well as pop-ups and CTAs making it perfect for small businesses. 


Nunify has taken the webinar world by storm with its bag of modern, unprecedented features and streaming quality. Apart from being able to live stream HD quality video and audio on multiple platforms parallelly, it also boasts integrated registrations, ticketing, and analytics. 

It’s easy to set up and customize for your brand. It also offers unique branding opportunities that aren’t available on other platforms. With live polls, reaction emojis, and chatbox, you can keep your audience engaged and attentive. But that’s not it. Breakout rooms, activity walls, lounges, and the 1:1 video calls are some features that make Nunify a truly interactive platform. Add advanced attributes like GDPR compliance, exhibitor booths, advanced analytics, gamification, and customized mobile apps to the mix and it becomes clear why Nunify is a runaway winner!

My Own Conference 

While My Own Conference might not have many advanced features, it’s just perfect for small meetings and closed webinars. It’s free for up to 20 users so no upfront investments are necessary. With a 99.98% uptime and browser-based hosting, your audience will have no trouble joining. It’s compatible with both, hand-held devices as well as computers. 

It has a robust community with top-notch 365 days, 24*7 customer service. What makes it unique is its ability to support over 16 different languages, making it a truly global webinar platform. 


BlueJeans has been designed keeping large audiences in mind. With support for up to 50000 attendees and 150 speakers, BlueJeans also provides rich engagement and interaction tools. Its dashboard can be customized according to the segment of the event participants – moderators, presenters, and attendees.

It easily integrates with third-party marketing software to automate invitations, reminders, RSVP, and follow-ups. BlueJeans is easily the best option for webinars with large audiences. 

Zoho Meetings

Zoho Meetings is an affordable, simplistic webinar tool best suited for freelancers and small businesses. It offers all the basic features of webinars such as recordings, automated emails, in-built registration, live streaming, polls, QnA, and analytics. 

If you’re looking for a go-to webinar option that can be deployed in minutes with no complicated dashboards or confusing features, then Zoho Meetings is a perfect choice. 

Webinars are amongst the top tools to accelerate lead generation, audience engagement and nurturing. 48% of marketers agree that leads collected from webinars are better while 33% say that conversion rates for leads are higher. Webinars add a human factor to your brand. Instead of engaging with dry social media posts or ads, your audience can engage with the real people behind your brand. Thus, choosing the right webinar platform is critical to achieving your marketing goals. The top 5 webinar platforms for small businesses listed above check all the necessary boxes and can guarantee a memorable experience for both your presenters as well as your audience.

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