September 2020 Roundup

Let’s take you back to Jan 2020. Marty travels back from the future (i.e. today) to your event planning meeting and says – “it would be months before you organise an in-person event, instead you will host them as a webinar or virtual event” – What would have been your reaction?

Yup it’s still unbelievable – the COVID-19 crisis changed our normal and just like that webinars & virtual events became a part of our lives – both as organisers & attendees. Every crisis creates an opportunity and every opportunity seeds innovation.

Back in March zoom took the world by storm and put event technology in the limelight. While it continues to be the most recognized webinar platform, it got outdated very quickly. Zoom, Teams, Webex, Goto were designed for meetings & small-team collaboration. Not for branded events which need scale, security, reliability, flexibility, partner-integration, networking and most importantly high-quality video & audio. 

The way we communicate, collaborate, organize has evolved and is wide open for innovation. Webinars & virtual events are no longer a stop-gap, let’s wait and watch. You need to act now on your strategy to include digital for your future events. The seeds have been sown for the next generation of webinars and virtual events.

We at nunify are excited to be in the forefront of the pivot to virtual along with event organizers and creators. Since January nunify has hosted webinars, virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, digital summits, award shows, workshops, masterclasses, fireside chats, virtual festivals and yes even a 💃 ‍‍🎤  🎭 “got-talent” contest ! We are amazed every day on how our users/clients use nunify in creative ways. 

Read on to learn more about how nunify is your next-generation webinars & virtual events partner. 

Nunify Insights

Need to convince your boss why virtual events doesn’t mean 3D? or Looking for best practices for virtual events?  or Why you need to look beyond zoom? We got you covered with in our October insights

Flat Minimalist Design

Events need colorful flamboyant elements – Duh! But studies have shown avatars & 3D elements – especially if not done to the gold standard set by video games perform extremely poorly

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Best Practices for Virtual Events

To help you plan and ensure that your virtual events run smoothly, we’ve put together a list of the virtual event best practices

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Tired of every webinar look the same ? Our team analysed Zoom Webinar to help you make a more informed decision.

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Client Speak

Chris Riley

DevOps / DevRel Advocate @ Splunk, Inc

“As a regular speaker the platform, events use to run the event are surprisingly important. What I liked about Nunify was the interface was  fun, it has social components I had not seen before, and the session calendar is stellar.”

Vinod Thimmaya

Founder & Director , HummingBird Digital

“Superb audio & video! And you can live stream stream pre-recorded HD videos – Huge plus. It also has a very easy to use UX for our speakers and very visually appealing. Much better than zoom & webex.”

Spotlight on : Simulive

The next generation of webinars & virtual events cannot be restricted to phone/web cameras only with CPU-intensive backgrounds and poor audio/video. The next generation of webinars & virtual event will need multiple video sources to host both digital-only & hybrid events. To cater to this need we focus this month on our unique feature Simulive. 

Simulive is the ability to stream a HD+ video/audio at high quality while having multiple speakers/hosts online. The quality of audio/video is the key and has already been used for award shows, product launches, pre-recorded celebrity talk, evergreen webinars and more.

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Nunify Breaking News

For the second consecutive month we were honored to host a prime minister on our platform. This month it was Honorable Timothy Harris – Prime minister of St. Kitts & Nevis

Ticketing is now LIVE on nunify 🎉 . Time to grow your sales and monetize your webinars & virtual events . 

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In continuation of our ongoing focus on hybrid events we have further enhanced  Nunify Premium. We now support RTMP streams and professional mixing softwares – Read more

See list of upcoming public events on nunify here.

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