July 2020 Roundup

As the world opens up slowly, so does the event industry (albeit on a smaller scale). We have already seen the new “normal” of hybrid events with some of our clients in July.

While our optimism is high, like other event experts we are cautious to declare an upward trend. Countries like Singapore, Italy, Japan have had a resurgence, while others like the US, India, Brazil battle on.

In this delicate scenario, webinars have emerged as a potent tool in the hands of adept enterprise marketers and event organisers, who have successfully continued to engage their audiences by producing quality content that generates quality engagement and sustainable ROI.

How can nunify help you deliver better webinars?

Maximize Reach

Custom webinar branding
Make it personal with your own colors, brand & dynamic graphics.

Manage your webinar on your terms
Unlimited hosts, registrations, parallel sessions & viewers.

Stream to YouTube & Facebook
Amplify your reach by multi-streaming nunify™ Live to social channels seamlessly.

Maximize ROI

Display Ads
Drive traffic to your sponsors with display ads

Live Analytics & Export data
Track real-time viewership & engagement metrics

Virtual booths for your sponsors & exhibitors

Maximize Engagement

Highly Interactive room
Push an instant poll, gauge sentiments with fun emojis, get viewers live on-stage.

Push Notifications
Keep attendees updated before, during and post the live experience.

Networking & Chat
Private & public chat & video networking tables that increase stickiness.

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Here’s what Debbie Levitt thought about being a part of a webinar on nunify

“So often at online conferences, we are speaking to a silent audience with no faces. What I really liked about nunify was that if I said something funny, there was an explosion of smiley faces from attendees who liked the joke. When I asked if something ever happened to attendees, I got a flood of thumbs up emojis.

It helped make what’s normally a fairly disconnected experience a more connected experience without the distraction of a sea of cameras or people turning microphones on.”

Debbie Levitt
Founder & Principal, Delta CX

Unlock SimuLive – a stress free video experience

We know how stressful live streaming can be for some with lag, speaker availability, screen-share videos. Hence we created a unique live experience. SimuLive – Simulated+Live. It allows you to inject pre-recorded videos and come live at the same time!

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Start your free trial today
with 600 viewer minutes free!

Host flawless webinars & virtual events with Nunify, your all-in-one webinar & virtual event management platform. All new host accounts will receive their own trial event links with complete backend access and a quota of 600 viewing minutes. Click the button below and fill up the form for a free trial account.

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Product updates

Video Networking rooms
Breakout rooms, Round tables, VIP rooms, Public Hangout rooms and more.

Better Moderation
Host can mute speakers, pre-moderate questions, ban users, disable chat.

Richer live experience
Active speakers goes full screen, Host / Speaker can reply back to questions on chat, emoji-upgrade

Low Bandwidth Support
Network quality indicator and allow switch to SD stream.

Stream to YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn
Active speakers goes full screen, Host / Speaker can reply back to questions on chat, emoji-upgrade

A Newbie’s Guide to Mastering the World of Webinars

There is a whole range of reasons and benefits that can persuade any brand into giving their best whilst conducting a successful online event.

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Do’s & Don’ts of Hosting a Virtual Event

Apart from the basic hardware requirement of a good camera, audio equipment and internet connection; you would need to work upon a few actionable areas in order to provide the consumers with an amazing experience.

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Nunify-vs-Zoom comparison

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