5 Ways to Increase your Webinar Attendance Rate

Increase your Webinar attendance rate with smart strategies that go a long way and saves you the time and effort it takes to skyrocket those lurking prospects.

A perfect plan and a jaw-dropping presentation go in vain if the webinar attendance rate drops to a point of embarrassment.

Why are business growth and webinar attendance rate interrelated?

In the digital age, communication is hassle-free than it used to be. However, the relentless stream of social media blasts, emails, push notifications have created a chaotic ecosystem where businesses struggle to connect authentically with their audience.

The webinar attendance rate simply translates into fueling business growth.

Since live events ground to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are realizing that webinars can help them cut through the chaos. Webinars serve as a perfect platform for a two-way conversation with audiences of all sizes.

From recurring live sales demos to the entire customer journey, webinars are dynamic, interactive experiences leading participants to ask questions, brainstorm, respond to polls and surveys and interact with the webinar host on a personal level. Needless to say, the webinar attendance rate simply translates into fueling business growth.

So, what’s the catch?

According to research, 36% of people register for attending webinars leaving a staggering 64% of your leads as unproductive prospects.

Ever wondered how to get a far larger percentage to sign up and show up in your webinars?

how to increase webinar attendance

1. Define your audience and webinar objectives

The success of your webinar attendance largely depends on how narrow your objective is. The more specific, the more likely it is to succeed. It is crucial for hosts to be disciplined about streamlining webinar programs. Managing webinar service, objectives & topics are some goals that would greatly increase the odds of success.

Even if your audience belongs to a narrower niche, you’re bound to attract the right ones.

2. Draft a compelling webinar invitation

A copy-pasted and irrelevant webinar invitation message can turn your best event into a disaster. To save the horror, try out new subject lines that create curiosity with compelling messaging to start off with. Bring an adrenaline rush among participants with a pre-recorded video played for the next event.

Have you considered multiple live participants participating in the webinar? If not, it’s time to reconsider that strategy to increase your webinar attendance.

3. Create a topic as a hook to attract your target market

The goal is to increase webinar attendance and what can be a better way than talking about your target market’s favourite topics during the webinar.

Address the issues your target audience most care about. What lures human beings is when their pain points are being discussed by an expert.

Some of the webinar philosophies revolve around topics that are educational, topical, newsworthy, compelling and that generate curiosity. Develop innovative topics that are worth giving a thought and pondering upon.

2. Choosing the right webinar interface and platform

A seamless engagement and network experience with unlimited hosts and parallel sessions with almost 1 million attendees can build unmatched engagement and trust among your audience. Thus, attracting webinar attendance has a lot to do with the right all-in-one webinar interface that every host demands.

It’s vital to watch out for features that a rich, intuitive webinar platform must possess:

  • Zero-delay HD LIVE stream broadcast
  • Integrated registration & ticketing
  • High-end interactive tools
  • Unlimited hosts and parallel session with almost 1 million attendees

5. More Signups means Higher webinar attendance

Incentivize attendance with free resources and promotions to your prospects. To make an event irresistible, promote your product through a free eBook or guide, a money-off coupon for your services, a scratch card, or a game of chance can hit the conversion rate even at the end of your webinar for the next sign up.

Integrating these methods is sure to boost your webinar attendance and enhance the value of your event.

Boost your webinar attendance with Practice

It’s easier to create moments of delight with Nunify that provides you with the best webinar software for live streaming your videos. Its seamless platform provides features like chat rooms, HD quality video streaming, event registration emailers, and even post-webinar analysis.

You can set up your workstation as per your comfort. It’s always wise to check your camera equipment, cables, encoder hardware, and OBS settings to ensure a hassle-free experience. Ensure your audio quality is set for optimal performance and in the right working condition. Practice the presenter controls and fix any problems that arise before going live.

Parting words

Great webinars are all about creating value, educating, and inspiring your audience to take the right action. A lot of participants attend webinars for the ‘on-demand’ reasons of the event. It’s the host that is responsible for turning this challenge into an opportunity with the right knowledge, delivery of content, and communication to interact and collaborate using the best tools.

Innovative platforms like Nunify, Youtube, and Facebook allow users to stream through an RTMP stream and help to build a concrete relationship with viewers.

All in all, make it worth it, make it happen!

What are your thoughts?
What helped you get a better webinar attendance rate?

This is a Guest blog post by Sweta Kamble.

She is a SaaS Content Writer & Content Strategist who writes authority-building and actionable copy that converts website visitors into paying customers for B2B/SaaS companies.


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