online fitness training

How to Get Started as an Online Fitness Trainer with Nunify?

online fitness training

When it comes to fitness training, we always assume that we can exercise best in designated spaces with designated trainers guiding people through exercise routines. With the coronavirus pandemic still ever-present, and most gyms still shut, most people don’t have anywhere to go for their exercise requirements. Similar to many other businesses, fitness training has a great scope of adopting a digital-first approach and going online. 

With Nunify Monetize, you can host online workshops and sessions to generate revenue through ticketing, as well as event sponsors & advertising. Nunify provides you with a next-generation virtual platform that supports integrated registration on your event’s landing page, multi-currency payments, multi-level ticketing, and a ‘pay-when-tickets-sold’ offer for early adopters!

If you are a fitness instructor and are looking for a way to monetize your skills, look no further! On Nunify, you can conduct personal training sessions for your clients, and give them access to a variety of engagement features & information. Here are some tips on how you can get started with these sessions:

1. Create a basic streaming set-up

Start with the basic requirements like a computer/laptop or a tablet, with peripheral devices such as a webcam and a microphone. You will also need to maintain a digital record of sessions, while Nunify can help you with data provided by users who have registered for your virtual fitness session.

2. Transition your existing clientele towards online sessions

Before reaching out to a new audience, establish your online training sessions with your existing clients. This way, you would be working with people who already trust your service, and you can assist them through the session by monitoring their form and exercise, and also sharing recordings of the session for them to evaluate and improve themselves.

3. Create an event landing page & set up ticketing

Nunify’s easy-to-use interface allows you to set up a completely customizable, DIY event landing page. You can integrate ticketing and registration on this event page, and also rope in sponsors to boost your revenue stream from your online sessions. The event landing page will serve as a one-stop destination for your existing clients, as well as prospective new clients to get an understanding of what you offer through these sessions

4. Promote your services online

Once you get your existing clients on-board, it’s time to expand your clientele. Word-of-mouth is effective and conventional, but leveraging social media can drastically boost your visibility. Maintain a steady flow of information on your social media channels, and post content that addresses your viewers’ needs and queries to build a relevant following. You can also advertise your fitness sessions on social media channels, google, and even e-mail!

5. Decide on your pricing model

With worldwide ticketing and online integrated registration, Nunify Monetize helps you monetize your virtual events with ease and simplicity. You can charge users per-session, or choose to create a monthly subscription plan for your trainees. With Nunify Monetize, you have the ability to create different levels of ticketing, which allow you to offer different levels of service to your customers. Users who pay more can avail pre-recorded videos on-demand, downloadable exercise guides & diet plans, and much more!

6. Diversify your offerings

Occasionally, you can choose to organize introductory and trial sessions on next-generation virtual platforms like Nunify, allowing people to assess your offerings and enable you to grow your client list. With Nunify, you can engage registered attendees through emails prior to the event, and through engagement tools like a Q&A feature, pop-up polls, HD+ video streaming, breakout rooms for smaller group discussions, and more.

7. Create a video library

Nunify allows you to integrate pre-record sessions in your virtual event. You can then inject these HD+ videos into your event & allow your clients to follow the pre-recorded video, so that you can pay attention to their exercise & form.

You can create a library with videos about specific exercises for particular muscles & body parts, or more general exercise routines. You can also make this video library available on-demand for your clients. They are bound to appreciate the effort, and it will certainly help you retain clients by keeping them loyal to you. 

As a fitness trainer, you have to constantly upskill yourself with certifications, which will help you gain credibility among prospective clients. Choose to experiment with the wide variety of features that Nunify offers you, to keep your clients engaged and to give them the best virtual fitness experience that can be offered.

While there is no specific formula for gaining success online. It starts with baby steps and learning from your digital experience. You need to trust your skills and leverage virtual platforms like Nunify to monetize your business.

Digital platforms can serve to boost your business and help it grow exponentially. All you need to do is to take that first step, and build a brand online that offers unparalleled service.

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