How to Go Live on Facebook and YouTube at the Same Time with Nunify

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a huge shift from in-person to online events. Most events have transitioned to webinars, and are streamed online. Live Streaming is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience in today’s times.

When you go live on both Facebook and YouTube from Nunify, it is highly likely that your target audience will grow in number as you will triple the exposure that your event will gain, by being streamed on all three platforms.

Facebook and YouTube are among the most used social media platforms on the internet. YouTube is the most visited website on the internet and Facebook is the third most visited site. Together, these websites account for an average of 6 Billion videos watched per month. Therefore, it only makes sense to triple the audience and stream on  these social media platforms at once along with Nunify.

How can you go live on both Facebook and Youtube at the same time?

If you want to stream on multiple websites, the very first thing you need to do is to create accounts on those websites. On Facebook, you can stream directly to your profile or page. Whereas for YouTube you will have to enable the live streaming feature to be able to use it. 

Usually, you need to make a solid investment in gear and software to create a multi-streaming setup. These equipment come with a hefty price tag. A quick solution to this dilemma is to hold your online event on Nunify. An all-in-one webinar & virtual event management platform –  a turn-key DIY solution accessible 24×7 to broadcast, network and engage, Nunify™ lets you host online events like webinars, live conferences, product launches, virtual meetings, & online training with ease.

With Nunify, you can stream your events simultaneously on both YouTube and Facebook. With social media platforms experiencing a continuous rise in video views, Nunify understands that it is extremely important for webinar organisers to make their content visible and accessible on these social media platforms. We at Nunify understand the ‘pain points’ for our clients when it comes to audiences, and facilitate higher reach to a larger audience via Facebook & YouTube.

For this reason, we have made reaching audiences and live-streaming video content simple and easy. As an all-in-one, next-generation webinar and virtual event management platform, we provide users with an option to live stream your content on different social media platforms allowing businesses and companies to connect to their audience and amplify their reach.

Nunify Live is a feature that allows users to seamlessly stream live content across platforms. 

Its multi-streaming platform feature is a value addition for you as an organiser. With the same content that is created, the organisers can tap different people in their target groups at different platforms. It also helps in providing quality content for your digital marketing teams. This live broadcasting feature can be very useful for organisers as it can increase the ROI for your sponsors.

There are only a handful of platforms that give the option for cross-broadcasting and live-streaming content. There are many additional features that dual-use, live streaming platforms like Nunify provide, i.e. broadcasting a live session along with video conferencing capabilities – features that aren’t provided by other webinar event platforms. 

There are many advantages for live streaming on YouTube and Facebook, both have a wide appeal and are incredibly popular. At the same time, these are two places where people can reach targeted communities with their content. Some of the many advantages of streaming on both Facebook and YouTube are –

1. Reach

Given the number of users, these two platforms can provide your virtual event with a very large reach. The platforms are incredibly accessible, and it is highly possible that some of your followers only follow you on one platform. Therefore, by going live on Facebook and YouTube you have a better chance of reaching them.

2. Easy Sharing

Live streaming on social media platforms will make it easier for you and your audience to share the stream. These social media platforms also make it easier to promote your stream.

3. Discoverability

Did you know that Facebook favours live videos within their platform, and that YouTube does the same? Therefore, by going live on both Facebook and YouTube, you greatly increase the visibility and the chances of your stream being discovered by users on those platforms.

In addition to this, both these social media platforms and Nunify allow users to monetize content. 

As an all-in-one webinar and virtual events management platform, Nunify provides users with features that allow them to have live sessions, conduct webinars, virtual meetings, online streaming and other training. All these features come along with no compromise tag on your video and audio quality.  

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