A Guide to Design & Host an Online Course on Nunify

In the present, people are looking for endless ways to explore quality content online. One way to cater to this rising demand while also generating revenue is to create an online course and host it on an online course or virtual events platform. Imparting your knowledge through an online course allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field, form a friendly bond with like-minded individuals and expand your reach.

It is expected that the entire learning market will exceed $300 billion by 2025 including individuals and millennials spending more time on online learning. Hence, this is the best time to join the growth industry of e-Learning.

Creators can leverage Nunify by uploading pre-recorded tutoring videos or live-streaming their sessions. Educators and creators can also take advantage of deep insights & analytics offered by Nunify, to understand attendee behaviour and fine-tune their online course to improve attendee engagement & interaction.

Creating an online course on Nunify enables creators to monetise their content, helping them grow their audience while gaining maximum ROI. There are several steps involved in creating an online course. From selecting the right topic to creating a website and generating income from it.

Here’s a guide that will walk you through the various steps you must take to create an online course.

Choose a topic that you wish to teach and people are frequently searching for

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the topic of your online course. However, it is very important to choose the right subject matter for your online course to succeed. Firstly, always make sure to choose a subject that you have knowledge of or you are curious about. Try to think about what you are best at and the topic which piques your interest. You can also ask yourself what you would like to know about and once you learn it yourself, you can become a great teacher of that subject. 

However, before choosing your topic, it is very important to ask your audience what they want to know about. Request your audience to fill out an online form or conduct a poll to discover whether your audience is interested in the subject that you are about to choose. In addition to this, it is also quite beneficial to conduct online research about your topic. If you find multiple courses on the same subject then that’s a great sign as it indicates that people find your topic relevant and helpful.

Make your online course appealing

A lot of hard work and effort goes into creating an online course so making it attractive is equally important. To achieve this, create an enticing landing page for your upcoming online course and include a short and crisp description about it, explaining what your audience can expect from the course. In addition to this, it is equally important to conduct extensive research on your topic until you are aware of everything related to it. You can also perform keyword research, in order to see what type of queries people are searching for related to your topic. 

While most teachers host online courses as pre-recorded & on-demand sessions, virtual event platforms bring you the ability to also add live streaming sessions to the mix making them more appealing to students who prefer being able to interact live with their online instructor.  

Focus on creating valuable user-experience

Develop a curriculum for your online course

Write down a list of lessons that you are planning to teach in your online course. For every lesson, define an objective and break down the topics that you wish to cover to ensure a smooth and hassle-free learning process. This is because teaching is all about guiding your audience on an idea step by step. In addition to this, include an introduction and conclusion to your entire course.

Create online-friendly content for your course

While creating a course, it is very important to craft intriguing content around it. You also must ensure that your content is online-friendly. This can be achieved by writing a blog post, creating a webinar, hosting a podcast or running a YouTube channel for your course. On the basis of research and materials that are gathered, one can easily create original content for their online course.

Focus on attractive visuals

In addition to offering well-researched content to your audience, incorporating attractive imagery along with dedicated call-to-action buttons are equally significant to encourage visitors to join your upcoming online course and also persuade others to do the same.

Select the best virtual platform to begin!

Nunify, a next-generation webinar and virtual event platform has been built by event professionals with over seven years of experience. Equipped with multiple features, the platform enables you to elevate your online course and encourage more attendees to join your course. 

Here are some of the innovative features offered by Nunify that can transform your online course into an intriguing experience: 

In-built Marketing & Ticketing

Nunify Monetize offers in-built custom branded registrations and ticketing with live analytics to market your online course with ease. It aims to make registrations and ticketing a convenient option for the attendees. With Nunify Monetize, attendees get a single-stop experience for course information, as well as its registration and payment. There are no downloads or any complex steps involved, making it easy for educators to gather a maximum number of attendees for their online course.

Nunify Monetize also offers multiple payment partners that further simplifies the entire registration and ticketing process for potential attendees as well as educators.

Pop-up Polls & Raise-hand Feature for Active Participation

Just like at physical events, online events also need interaction between the speakers and attendees. The pop-up poll option & raise hand feature, available on Nunify, allows educators to have a smooth interaction with their audience in real-time.

Pop-up polls feature can be initiated before, during and/ or after the online event. Moreover, educators can also send the pop-up polls to students, before or after conducting their online course to understand their thought-process or to engage them in discussion during the class.

The interactive raise hand feature allows participants to be invited by the speaker, and address the class, allowing orderly participation and avoiding a chaotic experience for everyone involved.

HD Video Streaming & Screen Share

Video content is an excellent medium to use in one’s online classes. Certain parts of the session can be pre-recorded and used during the live stream, to enable repeated use over the course of time. It is not only a great way to engage the students, but also allows the educators to actively engage attendees in discussion. Nunify offers screen sharing & HD Video streaming for educators, which assists with an improved learning experience for attendees.


With Nunify, educators can choose to gamify the learning experience in myriad ways. From quizzes to video contests & virtual scavenger hunts, Nunify offers a variety of tools which improve attendee engagement & make for a pleasant virtual learning experience.

With these tips on an ideal approach to structuring your online course & its content, as well as leveraging Nunify’s incredibly engaging features, you can offer an exciting & innovative approach for e-learning. You can also avail an offer and  save 58% using Mindvalley Coupons 

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