dos and donts

Do’s & Don’ts of Hosting a Virtual Event

dos and donts

Under the exceptional ‘new normal’ circumstances, every brand is heading towards the digital route of communication. They know that they cannot reach their consumers offline as of now. That’s why they are naturally striving to connect with them online. We are witnessing brands today driving their entire strategy towards trying to speak with the audience real-time. 

Thus, the advent and rise of virtual events. These virtual or hybrid events not only drive engagement but also blend in the best brand experience to give companies the finest solution. Beyond monetising an event, they even expand the company’s earlier limited reach and help them connect to audiences globally. 

It goes without saying – this is the best time to go virtual.

Still, there is much more to organising a Virtual Event

Apart from the basic hardware requirement of a good camera, audio equipment and internet connection; you would need to work upon a few actionable areas in order to provide the consumers with an amazing experience. For better understanding, we will divide these areas into 2 do’s and 3 don’ts.

The Essential Action Areas

1. DO get the sponsors

Like in any real-life event, you can get the best sponsors involved in your virtual event too. They provide the whole affair with substantial support and get involved in possibly the most non-intrusive way. The extra advantage here is that you can develop different package levels or modify the commitments owing to the fluidity of these online events.

2. DO get your story straight

Both content and the context will play a major role in the success of your virtual event. A strong story will convince the sceptical audience and pull the already convinced audience away from the competitors. This online event story can play out in the form of a single-presenter or panel discussion. Make it a point to make your event a bit personal.

3. DON’T forget to make your audience participate

The audience has the power to exit the webinar anytime they wish to. They do not need a space where they are being asked to be mere spectators. They are looking for maximum engagement. They want to ask questions and give opinions. Therefore, always try to engage them with the help of polls, quizzes, Q&As or chat room replies. Consider a platform that gives you a second screen solution for supporting these engagement ideas.

4. DON’T overlook the metrics

Almost every software and online event platform nowadays gives access to the audience data and lead information. Still, double-check before investing in one. These metrics are the best way to optimise the brand’s KPIs and ROIs. You can get them via a support team that gives you proper breakdown of event performance or retrieve them directly from the built-in dashboards., all depending upon your choice of platform.

5. DON’T forget to make the event a part of your marketing strategy

After the event is done, repurpose the content. Include it in other digital channels in the form of audio content, shareable slides, blogs posts or YouTube videos. Keep it handy for your full year’s marketing strategy.

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