How to Create a Virtual Event & Sell Tickets for it

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events have seen a surge in popularity across the globe.

Luckily, modern and advanced technology has made it possible for organizations to use virtual event platforms to host a variety of virtual events for daily use, as well as for key moments. There are four main types of virtual events:

1. Webinars

A webinar is a video lecture, workshop, or presentation that is conducted online using webinar software. They are usually business-related and are held to share ideas, knowledge, and updates with the online audience.

2. Virtual Conferences

Virtual conference enables participants located remotely to access live events or meetings from their computer. It is hosted solely on the internet.

3. Internal Virtual Events

These are virtual or hybrid events, training, or department meetings conducted by an organization for its employees.

4. External Virtual Events

These online or hybrid events are conducted for people who are outside of the organization.

The creation and promotion of an online event can be challenging but here are some tips that can help you easily create and promote your virtual event:

Create a plan

The basic step of creating an online event is ensuring you have a strategy. Before hosting an event, you must decide what kind of experience you want to deliver, whether access to the event will be free of cost or paid, the duration of the event, promotional activities, and so on.

Have an event landing page

Having a dedicated website or landing page for your event always helps in promoting your virtual event in a better manner.

It helps in communicating the value of your event and showcases the key offerings of your event. A virtual event landing page also helps you track visitors & use remarketing strategy to reach out to interested attendees.

Choose the right date and time

While conducting an event, selecting the right date and time is extremely crucial. Make sure your online event does not coincide with a major holiday.

Always pick a time that will be suitable for a majority of your primary audience.

Promote your event

Emphasize on the key benefit of your event. There are various ways to promote your events – from running ads on social media to sending mailers, push notifications, and leveraging Google Search.

For instance, making use of LinkedIn’s InMail ads is a great way to send invitations.

In addition to LinkedIn, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can also be utilized to promote your online event through countdown stories and attractive posts.

Now that you are aware of the tips to create a virtual event, the next thing to focus on, is making it a success. Conducting a successful online event that is also ticketed, depends on your efforts of promoting it and amplifying the message about the key offerings of your event to boost the sale of event tickets.

Here are a few strategies that can help you increase the ticket sale of your online event:

Sell your tickets on the virtual event platform

An event platform that allows you to sell tickets on the same website that is hosting your event is a great benefit! You can engage your audience on your event landing page and give them the benefit of purchasing a ticket without having to visit a different website.

Nunify Monetize is a unique offering from Nunify that lets you sell tickets for your online event that is being hosted on Nunify. Nunify’s Monetize plan includes built-in registration forms, worldwide ticketing, HD live streaming & more packaged in a simple pricing structure where you only pay when you sell tickets for your virtual event.

Make use of a referral program

Starting a referral program within your organization, or in promotional content shared with registered attendees helps you reach out and engage with more prospects who would also be the ideal target audience for your online event.

Share updates about your event on social media

Leveraging the power of social media can push your ticket sales to the next level. You can leverage advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In addition to running ads on platforms like Google Adwords, YouTube Ads and Facebook using help of agencies such as Upbeat Agency

Here are some more tips for you to leverage the power of social media to boost ticket sales via exciting promotions:

Run contests & giveaways

Creating and running a simple contest is an effective way of promoting your event. Creating a contest that is easy to register and participate in will increase interest and participation by users on social media.

You can also choose to have a giveaway on your brand’s social media channels, because there’s simply no incentive like free event tickets, to drive traffic to your event landing page and boost event sign-ups.

Engage with Influencers

Conducting an online event requires the right kind of strategy to popularize it. Engaging with influencers who will post about your event on their social media channels further boosts the reach of your event.

Influencers have a huge follower-base and can hence help you spread the word about your event with ease.

Promote your event in Groups on Facebook & LinkedIn

For certain niche events, you can look to explore groups on LinkedIn & Facebook. Join a specific group where you can find your target audience, and share updates or information about your event.

The members of the group will likely end up subscribing, and even promote your event, thereby helping you reach an even wider and larger audience.

There are hundreds of ways in which one can attract and convert prospective attendees. These methods and strategies not only increase your attendee conversions for ticketed events, but also help in boosting your event discoverability.

Once you are equipped with these tips and hacks, it becomes very easy to boost the sale of your online event tickets. However, before creating an event, one should always remember to set a specific goal, define the target audience, and regularly monitor the ticket sales tools and strategies to gain positive results.

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