Best Zoom Alternatives for Ticketed Virtual Events

There is an existing norm among people who create virtual events, wherein they choose one platform to host the event and another platform on which they sell the tickets for the same event.

As an event organizer, it is beneficial to simplify a user’s journey as they choose to sign up for an event. For this reason, event organizers should prefer to opt for a virtual event platform that provides the necessary tools and features to make their online event successful, viz. managing attendee registrations, offering ticketing services, assisting with event promotion, and more. 

The internet is brimming with platforms that allow you to host ticketed events, with each marketing itself to be better than others. Choosing the right virtual event software has to be your priority if you want to make your virtual event a success.

While experiences of a physical, in-person event are hard to replicate; you need to make sure that the platform you select allows your audience to obtain an experience almost identical to that of an in-person event. Therefore as an event organizer, you have to think of the platform as the event venue.

You need to look into factors like security, the number of participants that can be hosted, the ticketing system, the duration and bandwidth of the livestream, and most importantly, the price point of the platform.

While Zoom has established itself to be one of the most popular virtual event softwares, there are quite a few alternatives in the market that you can choose based on your budget and the features you require.

Here is a list of some alternate virtual event platforms that you can try out for your next ticketed virtual event –

1. Nunify:

Nunify is a next-generation webinar & virtual events platform that enables users to create & list their virtual events & capitalize on the platform’s global reach, and monetize their virtual event through ticketing via Nunify Monetize.

With its zero-delay HD Live Streaming broadcast, and an easy-to-use interface for hosts and attendees, Nunify ensures an uninterrupted and advanced virtual experience for all participants in a virtual event. The platform also offers a wide range of engagement features like live Q&A, emoji reactions, attendee chat, live polls, exhibitor booths, virtual lounge & breakout rooms, and virtual event gamification, among numerous other features for webinars, hybrid events, and virtual events.

Creating an event on Nunify takes only a few minutes, and the platform offers custom branding for virtual event landing pages, and DIY content management to give hosts complete control over the event page.

Nunify encourages attendee-host interaction through such features, and provides hosts with detailed event analytics to map event performance. This helps the host monitor and track attendee-interactions, including event landing page visits, the number of leads generated, attendee behaviour mapping, and more.

The platform provides a one-stop solution for all users to maximize their reach in this digital age of communication. 

2. Accelevents:

Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual event platform that is powerful but doesn’t dent your pocket. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and live-24/7 support. The platform also provides features such as ticket sales, live-streaming, polling and live-chat, virtual exhibitor booths, gamification and more

3. VConfEx:

VConfEx is a platform that provides a virtual experience of numerous kinds to event organizers, withs services ranging from selling tickets online and live streaming, to offering virtual space for exhibitor booths.

It allows you to replicate in-person events by offering users the advantage of hosting virtual roundtable conferences.

4. Run The World:

Run The World has an incredibly simple interface & set-up process, making it easy for anyone to host an event. Apart from hosting traditional webinars & virtual events for corporate requirements, you can even host fun interactive events like virtual happy hours and intimate fireside chats with speakers.

The platform also allows event organizers to view and connect with their attendees.

5. InEvent:

InEvent enables you to curate a custom event app with interactive tools so you can bring organizers, speakers, hosts and attendees together in one place, leaving no room for confusion of any kind.

It offers convenient features like integrated registration forms and ticketing, chat capabilities, automated email marketing, live polls, gamification, virtual lobbies, and a robust data tracking system.

These alternatives to Zoom offer brands & virtual event organizers a chance to engage attendees in innovative ways, and provide them with a refreshing and new experience of virtual events.

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