Benefits of Hosting a Webinar

The word “webinar” is a combination of two words “web” and “seminar”. A webinar is essentially an event that is held virtually which can exclusively be attended by an online audience from any geographical location.

Defying the current communication trends which lean towards shorter formats, the average viewing time for webinars is actually growing everywhere. The current stats show the average viewing time stands at 56 minutes! Additionally, the webinar market is showing strong growth. 

As a webinar platform, we understand the importance of webinars from a business point of view. However, some of these benefits often go overlooked. Webinars are powerful tools and hopefully, this list can inspire you to integrate webinars in your business for whatever reason – be it generation of leads, engagement, training or all.

The purpose of this blog is to help you see the benefits of holding a webinar. 

1. Providing value addition

One of the main reasons companies start conducting webinars is because they generate a large online presence. If done right, a webinar can keep your audience engaged for hours and leave them wanting more.

Webinars are much more than simple power-point presentations. What makes it even better is that modern webinar platforms like Nunify, provide hosts and attendees with a wide range of features that allows them to have rich digital experience. Hosts can ask their audience questions and receive/give real-time feedback as well.

Nunify is a next-generation webinar hosting software that comes with features to record events and save them for future watching. This not only gives you the benefit of having highly useful video content that can be shared or used as a point of references but also allows you to convert them into a blog post and other such content.

2. Wide audience reach

One of the biggest advantages of webinars are their incredibly wide reach. Through a webinar, you can have a conversation with hundreds of people from different parts of the world. In addition to this, all of this is being done from the comfort of your home.

You can invite guests who may be experts in the field and leverage their audience. Bringing an industry expert will position your brand also as an expert since this person is associating their name with your brand. Overall, doing this further widens your target audience.

3. Cost-effective

Webinars can be highly effective for businesses and their marketing while being incredibly cost-effective. To host a successful webinar, you need a list of invitees, a laptop or computer with a webcam and well researched relevant content to share with your audience and of course a stable broadband connection.

Nunify is a professional software that can do all this for you and more. With very affordable and customizable pricing plans, Nunify offers a high-quality webinar experience at nominal prices.

Compared to the cost being spent on a plane ticket to attend a convention, investing in a webinar platform could potentially benefit your business more.

4. Keeps your audience on their feet

Webinars are great for conversational engagement. Most webinars, though not 1-on-1, give a voice to the audience. Not only can they talk while the event is happening, but they can also react and respond through chat boxes, emojis, answer polls, answer questions and so on.

Webinars are almost like personal tutoring sessions that include immediate feedback and sharing of information. This feature is very unique to webinars. You get to generate content that not only appeals to the audience but also gives them a chance to steer you in the right direction.

Having this kind of engagement enables you to understand what the audience wants and similarly exposes the audience to the unique points of your company.

5. Generation of leads

We all know how important a lead is for companies. Webinars are a great way to increase the generation of high-quality leads that can ultimately be converted into new customers. 

With webinars, some kind of registration is expected. At Nunify, we’ve made this simple and less time-consuming. For hosts, we have integrated a user-friendly event registration and ticketing dashboard that allows you to customise the brand registration process.

Emailers are integrated and attendees can register for webinars easily. Furthermore, multiple payment options are available to simplify the registration process. 

When someone registers themselves they automatically become a lead. Any kind of information received from participants is valuable. You can drive registrations by running paid advertisements, feature on your home page, leverage it through mailers and so on.

6. Building a relationship with the audience

Webinars are more about teaching rather than presenting. They allow us to tell or rather teach the audience as to why a product or service is valuable for them. One of the biggest ways to build relationships is by giving value.

Webinars give a face and voice to your audience which allows you to build relationships by having real-team personal conversations. The kind of engagement that one receives through webinar engagements is not possible through any other far-reaching mediums.

7. Drive company sales

Since webinars are great for lead generation that ultimately turn into customers they automatically become revenue that helps your business grow. Webinars let you build a relationship with your audience that in turn lead to a growth in trust and value over a short period. Additionally, if your webinars are ticketed, they very directly add to your revenue.

Webinars have slowly but surely established themselves as a big part of the market flow. This is why you should try your hand at webinars as well. Nunify’s customers are not just the event organiser but can also include their sponsors, the attendees, and other supporting teams.

The goal is to give an end-to-end experience that values every stakeholder’s expectations. We measure success on ease-of-use. We want to make our technology invisible so that the spotlight is on the event’s content.

Nunify offers a free trial that lets you go live within just minutes. This will give you a look into what a professional and efficient software will look like. Once satisfied you can choose from different plans to become a regular Nunify user!

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