August 2020 Roundup

We Are Hybrid Event Ready – Are You?

As the world continues to open up cautiously, event professionals can’t wait to start hosting physical events. After all, who doesn’t miss the lights & sounds of event day? For the moment though, large gatherings remain a no-no.

In such uncertain times, it’s imperative for you to start thinking about your hybrid-event strategy. A key component of your event execution strategy will be a platform that allows you to execute not only virtual events & webinars, but also hybrid and in-person events.

That is what kept us busy through August – to enhance Nunify into a powerful and simple-to-use hybrid event platform. The best part? Our success with the hybrid events we hosted in August!

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events are events that operate in both – the real and virtual world. Typically, these events have a small in-person gathering while it is live-streamed or webcast to a larger virtual audience which consumes the content from the safety of their homes .

In one way or another, you’ve already experienced a hybrid event. Don’t believe us? Think about the NBA Playoffs or the US Open, or tech shows like the Apple Keynote. What’s a common theme?

Small in-person audience

Sizable remote viewing audience

Live audio & video streaming

Increased brand visibility & awareness

What’s amiss though, is a lack of participation of the remote audience and the lack of hassle-free tools to achieve a hybrid production. And that’s where Nunify steps in to help! 

Nunify Insights | Hybrid Events

What would your perfect hybrid event look like? What are the tools that you would need? Is there a checklist to help you be hybrid-ready?  Are hybrid events the future? How do I convince my boss or colleagues?

We’ve got you covered with insights from our experts!

What are hybrid events?

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The art of leveraging content for your Virtual Events

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Nunify supports multiple ways to broadcast your content to attendees. Nunify Studio is an innovative service which allows broadcast from a professional camera via a software encoder.

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Nunify-vs-Zoom comparison

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