5 Ways to Make Your Webinars More Audience-Centric

When you host a webinar, ask yourself what are you doing it for? Sure, you want to promote yourself and
present good content, but at the end of the day, you know you are doing it for your audience, who will help you
grow in the long run. So, the overall direction of your event should definitely be oriented towards the sphere of
your audiences’ interest.

Plan your event keeping your audience in mind. One of the most important things to define, is the audience’s
objective of attending, and what they hope to achieve out of it. By strategizing and creating a campaign plan to
address these two points, you can then focus on how you wish to establish a long-term networking relationship
with your event’s attendees.

While this initial thought will help you plan and promote your event accordingly, the idea has to be extended
through the duration of your event as well. Here are some key points to consider, which will help you make your
webinar more audience-centric

1. Know your audience

When you promote your event, you are likely to curate a target audience that you will target through your
emailers, social media promotion etc. Get an idea of where your audience is coming from in terms of their
interest in what you are offering, and how you further optimize on that. Once done, you can make a plan for
your webinar that further reflects the interests of your audience. Virtual platforms like Nunify offer integrated
emailers prior to the event, as well as SMS marketing & push notifications via the Mobile App. For post-event
analysis, in-depth analytics helps you gauge your audience’s interactions & engagement to assist you with
making the next session your webinar better-customized to their needs.

2. Use analytics to your advantage

Nunify has advanced analytics features that help you gauge your webinar’s performance in real time. It offers
metrics like event data, attendee engagement, audience behaviour, time spent in a session etc. to help you take
sound decisions and improvise at every step of your session. Nunify offers a detailed dashboard that organizes
your event data in a structured manner, shows you inbound traffic and performance of various aspects of your
event & promotion, and even identifies the weak points of your event strategy. You can tweak these areas to
optimize your performance and maximize your ROI.

3. Add dynamic content

While your webinar content may have high value, you need to take care of eliminating the monotony that may
just creep into a session. Nunify offers dynamic features such as gamification, interesting engagement tools
such as emoji reactions & pop-up polls, and different presentation options like injecting HD+ videos into your
live stream, as well as streaming pre-recorded sessions, to help diversify your content and presentation options.
Also, make sure to include breathers in-between sessions with contests, ads, breakout sessions and the like, to
keep your audience hooked to the event, but to also give them some time off-screen for relaxation.

4. Keep it real

While you might plan your event to the last minute, some minor setbacks may occur. Take these in your stride
and plan contingencies to keep your audience engaged. Ensure that the speakers are well-informed about the
content, and that they keep the session engaging and conversational. Remember, your audience is human too,
and would appreciate a natural flow in the virtual event, where they also have a space to actively participate and
create, rather than simply being passive receptors for the content and information that you are sharing.

5. Make the audience a co-creator

Your audience is here to receive what you are offering in your webinar, but making them the co-creators of your
event can boost your webinar’s performance immensely. Let your audience actively participate as speakers
during sessions by using the ‘Raise Hand’ button, have interactive discussions with them and take suggestions
while presenting by leveraging real-time polls. This will make them feel more involved in the whole process and
your event will be a product of your audience’s contribution. The best way to ensure your content’s success is
relatability and by letting your audience take the helm intermittently, this will be ensured.

Your main takeaway from these tips should be to achieve a balance between promotional content and content
that will address the needs of your audience. Optimize virtual event platforms to your advantage and assess
what’s working for you, what’s keeping your audience engaged and how you can improvise to keep your
audience happy.

The key is to involve your audience and focus on their needs at every step, to increase the value of your
webinar or virtual event. By doing so, you will establish a long-lasting relationship with them. Once that is done,
your brand and event’s promotion will happen organically and scale through brand advocacy and word-of-mouth

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