5 Ways to Elevate Your Next Marketing Pitch with Nunify Webinars

There has never been an opportune moment like now, to create and run a successful business, as we have entered an era that is predominantly digital – from our content consumption behavior to the way we interact with a significant number of people and brands that are an integral part of our lives. Advancements in technology have transformed the traditional manner in which businesses promoted themselves, and their products or business offerings

Over the course of the last few years, webinars have emerged as one of the strongest marketing pillars in the digital era, and continue to be leveraged by businesses and brands across the globe. They have proven to generate relevant leads in a short amount of time and are more detail-oriented offerings from a brand, in comparison to traditional seminars. 

Did you know that webinars can be of greater value for one’s business, than just merely being used as a way of generating business leads, or simply as a medium to showcase what’s new with a brand? Whether you want people talking about your product or service, or the rise in your target achievements, webinars are a robust and reliable solution for all your marketing woes.

In 2020, Mid-to-Senior leadership of most organisations, as well as consumers in the age-range of 35-44 years increased their internet consumption by 11%. For most businesses, they key decision-makers lie in this demographic. Webinars, with integrated gamification options, audience-engagement options, and interactive content, can be leveraged for a business’ product launch pitch or a solutions showcase pitch. Here’s how you can use webinars to make your marketing pitch for a product, a brand, or a solution, concentrated and highly effective: 

Ensure Ample Touchpoints for Brand Connect

Next-Generation Webinar & Virtual Event platforms such as Nunify enable the host to completely customize the event landing page. 

By also supporting your brand through email marketing, push notifications, and a single-branded URL for your event promotion needs, Nunify supports you in covering various touchpoints to boost the attendee’s brand connect. Attendees are more likely to recall your brand long after the webinar is over with such customised branding done at every step. This can significantly boost conversion rates for your business. 

Here are a few areas where you can customise your branding on Nunify –

  • Themes and colours according to your brand guidelines
  • Background images that augment your campaign
  • Customisable exhibitor booths based on your branding
  • Customisable display ads based on sponsor branding

Have an Engaging & Interactive Webinar

What differentiates an attendee’s boring and dull experience of a webinar from a pleasant and insightful one is based on how engaged they feel throughout the webinar. A webinar that has only a one-way flow of communication is the top reason for attendees to drop out of the session.

It is imperative to grab the attention of the attendees, and keep them engaged throughout the webinar – either through one’s content, or by the use of various engagement features that a virtual events & webinar platform like Nunify offers, which promotes & facilitates engagement with participants during the webinar:

  • Pop-up Polls for Audience Engagement: These posts can be created before, or during a session, and can be taken live at the right time during one’s marketing pitch. Polls help read the mood of the audience and allow you to make changes to your marketing pitch accordingly, in real-time. 
  • Live Q&A: Attendees can have their doubts and concerns clarified in real time, rather than waiting for the speaker to finish their presentation. Using the ‘Raise Hand’ feature, they can even participate on-screen with the speakers, which is surely an amazing experience!
  • Breakout Rooms: Breakout rooms allow you to engage with attendees on a smaller scale, during breaks, or after a webinar pitch, so as to establish a personal connection with your webinar’s attendees, and create a more rewarding informative experience.
  • Emoji Reactions: Webinar attendees can now react to a presentation or session in real time with emojis. While this may seem like a fun thing to do for participants, as a marketer, it gives an insight into the content that is well-received, and content which isn’t – allowing you to adapt and change your session in a dynamic manner.
  • Event Gamification:  Through gamification options like trivia, creative labs, and more, you can elevate the level of your business’ marketing pitch by involving event attendees in fun and engaging activities during the webinar.

Analyze Event Data to Improve

Data collected before and during the webinar offers a synthesised insight into the consumer’s mind and behavior. Any form of re-targeting only yields results when you have solid insights backing your inferences. Nunify provides webinar hosts with detailed data analytic metrics, from event-page analytics to audience engagement & audience behavior analytics.

Gain the advantage of structured data that will help you interpret valid insights that you make: Understand the attendee’s content consumption behavior, their on-platform behavior, and also gauge the performance of every speaker’s session through audience-interaction data.

With such precision in data collection, you can constantly optimize and improve your webinar presentation, to ensure that every marketing pitch that you present has been optimized with robust data insights gleaned from previous webinars.

Re-purpose Webinar Content

Hosting a webinar offers a great opportunity to have a look at the performance of the content. You can leverage this insight to further develop the content strategy around your target audience. The highest performing content from the webinar can be hyper-localised and republished as blog posts, or stand alone youtube videos. Plus, it will help your business to continue capturing lead information long after the webinar is over.

Lastly, this will not only reinforce you as a credible source of value based content for your existing customers but also help expand the customer base. 

Create a Year-long Marketing Pipeline

Why should your marketing pitch end with just a single, successful webinar? Frequency and longevity of a constantly-evolving webinar is the key to success. This is supported by activities you undertake on other digital and offline channels, to maintain a top-of-the-mind recall among your webinar’s attendees. 

Nunify facilitates the complete recording of an event that is hosted on the platform. You can send a link of this recording to event attendees, allowing them to revisit the content & conversations again, at a time of their convenience. You can also break up the event’s content & different parts of your overall product or solution pitch, and share it as snackable content on social media for increased reach and viewership!

These five key points will play a huge role in building your business’ webinar program and generate a significant amount of growth at the top-of-the-funnel. Sustained use of webinars as a key marketing tool will help you increase your ROI, and constantly deliver exciting and engaging marketing pitches for consumers and clients. While digital-only webinars are a tested & trusted solution, one can also opt for a hybrid event model for one’s product or solutions marketing pitch, and make the most of the benefits of a live, in-person event and a virtual webinar.

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