10 Creative Ideas for Hosting a Ticketed Virtual Workshop

Virtual events have now become the new normal to host most types of digital interactions for businesses & individuals. They might have their limitations, but in the face of a global pandemic, virtual events have only gone on to show how they are going to be the need of the future. With next-generation platforms in the market and ever-evolving technology, virtual events are proving to be a blessing for businesses that are looking to monetize their offerings through online workshops.

Hosting a workshop online is a great way to leverage your business and engage with existing and prospective customers. You can pick any creative direction that you like, and make interesting content that attendees can consume and engage with.

Here are a few examples of workshops you can organize and monetize, while using Nunify:

  1. Virtual Music Workshop: A Statista Global Consumer Survey conducted in the United States saw 53% respondents pick music as their hobby of choice in 2021. By conducting music workshops & classes online, you can create an immersive learning environment for your viewers through 1-on-1 sessions or group sessions. Through Nunify Monetize, you can offer staggered levels of workshop tickets, which gives users access to different types of materials based on the ticket cost!
  1. Online Yoga Sessions: With the coronavirus pandemic making people even more health-conscious, virtual yoga sessions can easily be monetized. You can host a live session, taking your attendees through the different poses, or choose to stream an HD+ quality pre-recorded session using the Simulive feature, which can then be followed by a live Q&A session using the live-polling feature on the platform. Nunify offers you the option to stream high-quality videos during live streaming sessions and stream to multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and even Zoom!
  1. Speed-Networking Sessions: With universities and schools still not opening for in-person classes, speed-networking sessions are a great way to familiarize prospective students with the college professors & representatives, and offer an informative and immersive experience for the attendees. Moreover, interactive tools like private and public chat, meeting rooms, activity walls etc. provide a great avenue for the attendees to network among themselves.
  1. Curated Tours: Digital exhibitions allow individuals to browse collections at museums & art galleries virtually. You can host online events that support gamification of activities like a virtual tour by adding an element of engagement to it, in the form of a quiz. This will boost engagement among attendees. The tour can be concluded with a talk session featuring a knowledgeable host, who can give deeper insights into the various artworks & sculptures viewed by attendees during their virtual tour.
  1. Life-Coaching Workshops: With tools like multi-broadcast facility, zero-delay live stream broadcast, and custom-branding for your event landing page, Nunify offers you multiple features to customize and organize a helpful webinar & workshop.

As a life coach, you can engage with all your attendees in multiple batches through breakout rooms, and enable group-participation for activities through attendee chat rooms. Enterprise-grade security ensures that your session will be safe from any miscreants or hackers, while our 24×7 chat support ensures that you have a seamless experience designing & organizing your workshop.

  1. Cooking Masterclass: If you own a restaurant, bakery or patisserie, or a home-run kitchen, one of the most effective practices to boost your business for prospective customers is to engage with them digitally. Cooking masterclasses are a virtual event idea that can immensely boost your interactions with your brand’s customers. You can host a live cooking class by teaching attendees how to cook a dish in real-time, or give instructions while playing HD+ videos that you pre-recorded. Reach out to a global audience through Nunify’s integrated world-wide ticketing system, and cook up a storm with your food-preparation skills!
  1. Improv & Comedy Workshops: Stand-up comedy and improv are gaining recognition and popularity among millennials and Gen-Z individuals. You can organize a successful Improv or Comedy workshop for budding learners by roping in a well-known performer to teach them the nuances of improv or comedy. Attendees can engage with the speaker through moderated Q&As, live polls, emoji reactions, and even be featured on-screen by using the ‘raise hand’ feature.
  1. Virtual Crafts Workshop: You can monetize your talent and art-related services through virtual events, by hosting a workshop for attendees interested in arts and craft. With spring break approaching, you can also organize sessions for school children. Attendees can join your session from their laptops and computers, and also from their phones and tablets. Nunify’s app allows attendees access to your workshop from any location they’re present in.
  1. Virtual Dance Workshop: You can host a dance workshop for individuals, small groups, or even large groups for your workshops. Avail the advantage of free, automatically downloaded session recordings to share with your workshop’s attendees.
  1. Coding Workshop & Hackathon: Coding is a skill that is useful to have for professionals across many business verticals. Organize a coding workshop to teach budding coders, and introduce them to the basics of the craft. After the learning portion of the session is complete, you can create a group of people with similar interests and complementary skills and give them a space to try out new ideas by organizing a hackathon.

You can also engage sponsors for the event to give prizes, and promote these event sponsors on your event registration page by creating dedicated sponsor spaces, where attendees can interact with them.

Nunify offers tools for easy registrations, sign-ins, tools for engagement and also offers engagement features that ensure great user-experience during virtual events.

Apart from these suggested ideas for ticketed workshops, you can expand your horizons and envision almost any type of virtual workshop. Next-generation webinar and virtual event platforms like Nunify are there to provide you with a platform and tool to make your workshop a smashing success. All you need is a fresh and engaging idea and we at Nunify will certainly help you achieve the success you desire!

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