Exponentially Increase Lead Generation through Virtual Events in 2021

The success of a business is reflected by their sales. More customers mean better sales. Hence, the main function of any business is to target potential users and convert them into customers. This function is also known as lead generation. It is a core marketing activity for any business- big or small. In simple terms, […]

Virtual Event Platform Guide

All businesses – small, medium, large, enterprises use the internet for everything. It has become the primary channel for marketing, communication, sales, and support. But one key activity didn’t fall into this bucket – Events. The value of in-person interaction is never going to go away. ‘Virtual’ events had a futuristic overtone to it, until […]

5 Ways to Increase your Webinar Attendance Rate

Increase your Webinar attendance rate with smart strategies that go a long way and saves you the time and effort it takes to skyrocket those lurking prospects. A perfect plan and a jaw-dropping presentation go in vain if the webinar attendance rate drops to a point of embarrassment. Why are business growth and webinar attendance […]

5 Ways to Make Your Webinars More Audience-Centric

When you host a webinar, ask yourself what are you doing it for? Sure, you want to promote yourself andpresent good content, but at the end of the day, you know you are doing it for your audience, who will help yougrow in the long run. So, the overall direction of your event should definitely […]

Holi Hai! Celebrate a Virtual Holi Party with Colleagues, Friends & Family!

The festival of colors is just around the corner, as we get ready to bid farewell to the season of spring. A day of colors, water guns and a day to set aside all differences and celebrate. From enjoying gujiyas, to dancing through the day in color-soaked water and gulping down thandai – It’s the […]

How to Organize a Webinar on a Live-Streaming Platform

One might find online streaming a very overwhelming process while organizing a webinar for the very first time. But once one gets through the entire process, one will know that it’s not such a difficult task. There are a few things that have to be taken into account before live-streaming your videos on any platform. […]

Why Should You Add Webinars to Your Marketing Strategy?

Webinars are an effective marketing tool that help you achieve true communication with your intended audience, whether in real-time or on-demand. Through webinars, you can achieve various goals that position you in the manner  that’s essential for your business to stand out in today’s marketing landscape.  But how does one achieve that? Simply claiming that […]

Prepare for Your First Virtual Event: How to Create One & Monetize it

For a lot of businesses, webinars and virtual events are the crown jewels of their sales funnel. Similar to online courses, webinars are an offering that can be leveraged multiple times and even repurposed into different forms of content. Thanks to its video-based features, a virtual event has the amazing potential to reach a wide […]

Expert Tips to Leverage Attendance at a Virtual Event

Virtual Video conference

Guest blog by Sarah Hill from Seven Events———— With no sign of any large gatherings happening in the near future, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like you will have to host your event virtually. But that should not be a reason to despair. As seen from the many online events arranged by virtual […]

Tips & Recommendations to host a successful Virtual Party

virtual award shows

2020 has been a rather eventful year. So much has changed, with people having had to adapt to a new way of life that is majorly virtual. While remote work and restrictions on social gatherings make the whole experience a little foreign and alien, it doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot throw a party which is […]

What is the difference between a webcast and a webinar?

While the world was already on its way toward a digital transformation in these last few years, due COVID-19, this natural course of action has transformed into an urgent necessity, especially on the professional front. The rapid rise in the use of online tools for meetings, conferences and events, hosted by organizations, is the direct […]

How do I Register to a Webinar?

The word “webinar” is a combination of two words “web” and “seminar”. A webinar is essentially an event that is held virtually which can exclusively be attended by an online audience from any geographical location. The main features of webinars in interactivity, engagement, sharing information and more in real-time. As a webinar platform, we understand […]

How to plan, promote & market your webinar

What is webinar marketing? Webinar marketing has been shaping the marketing landscape since 2010. Around 2005, with the onset of digital research like reviews/ratings, social media and online purchases, the need to educate the customer in a more engaging, personalized manner took the limelight, and webinars became mainstream. It has been the focus of many […]

Benefits of Hosting a Webinar

The word “webinar” is a combination of two words “web” and “seminar”. A webinar is essentially an event that is held virtually which can exclusively be attended by an online audience from any geographical location. Defying the current communication trends which lean towards shorter formats, the average viewing time for webinars is actually growing everywhere. […]

Team Nunify’s – 10 Tips for Successful Virtual Events

The first-ever virtual event was held in 1993 where the world’s first live stream brought us webcam footage of a coffee maker. This video had garnered millions of views. Technological upgrades and social media has found new ways for us to connect from live Q&A sessions with astronauts in space to webinars. Some of the […]

Gamification in Virtual Event Platforms

As virtual events get more and more popular, they will require new incentives to keep everyone engaged. Gamification is a great way to keep your audience engaged while connecting people with each other. For years, planners and organizers have used numerous ways to engage attendees and generate ROI through gamification. As we now slowly shift […]

How to Go Live on Facebook and YouTube at the Same Time with Nunify

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a huge shift from in-person to online events. Most events have transitioned to webinars, and are streamed online. Live Streaming is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience in today’s times. When you go live on both Facebook and YouTube from Nunify, it is highly […]

Virtual Event Ideas & Their Best Practices

In the past few months, our lives have undergone tremendous change. As challenging as this shift has been, we have all adapted to it. Since we are all practicing social distancing, in-person events across the world have been cancelled, many businesses and companies have adopted “work from home” for their employees. Consequently, they have turned […]

A Guide to Move your Events Online

With the pandemic hitting the world in the year 2020, there are various reasons why you should focus on moving your events online. Read on to know more.

What is a Webinar?

How many of us have been hearing these terms rather interchangeably – Webinars, Webcasts, Virtual Events. Although these products have been marketed for over two decades, it’s only recently that these platforms have assimilated into mainstream dialogue to serve their value, both for creators as well as consumers.

Do’s & Don’ts of Hosting a Virtual Event

dos and donts

Under the exceptional ‘new normal’ circumstances, every brand is heading towards the digital route of communication. They know that they cannot reach their consumers offline as of now. That’s why they are naturally striving to connect with them online. We are witnessing brands today driving their entire strategy towards trying to speak with the audience […]

Why am I not able to access the session?

There could be multiple reasons for you not being able to access the platform: Please confirm if you are in the right session. Please make sure that your VPN is turned off. You are trying to access the event over a mobile device. While we are working towards making the solution mobile and accessible, it […]

Webinar software comparison: nunify-vs-zoom


There are lots of webinar & virtual event platforms, which is amazing for you, but not all platforms are the same. At nunify our team analysed Zoom Webinar – here are the facts to help you make a more informed decision. Do reach out if we got something wrong. Tip: You can integrate zoom to […]

Virtual Expos & Trade shows

Host your exhibition with nunify™ and deliver a personalised digital experience to your attendees. Give your Sponsors and exhibitors virtual booths to showcase and demo their products. Exhibitors get an enhanced suite of lead retrieval tools to network and manage leads. Gamify the whole experience to boost traffic to all exhibitors and make the online […]

Online Courses

nunify™ lets creators and educators run online courses with ease. nunify™ is multiplatform and attendees can take their material with them be it on the desktop or mobile. Creators can upload pre recorded video or livestream their sessions and leverage session collaboration tools and deep insights to track the progress of their students. Attendees can […]


nunify™ is built for hosting amazing networking events. Hosts can set up video conferencing with rules or with moderation to facilitate group or private networking events. Speed networking and speed dating events can be hosted with ease in nunify™. Easy contact swapping based on consent, custom contact lists, text and video chat and meetings booking […]

Enterprise-grade security

We at Nunify take your security seriously. Our virtual events platform is built to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements. Enterprise-grade security is added to every single part of Nunify. Our security programme protects our organisation as well as your data at every layer. There are also other features that ensure more control, […]

GDPR Compliant

Data security is every organization’s paramount concern that is why Nunify has been a GDPR compliant ever since its inception. With organisations shifting to virtual platforms for their business, effective data security becomes a crucial part of today’s data-driven digital world. At nunify we provide the attendees with exclusive data security and data protection. Just […]

Scalable Streaming

Reach a larger audience without worrying about the occupancy and other limiting factors of an in-person event, with Nunify live streaming/ virtual event platform. The rising trend of virtualization has benefited a large number of organisations in enhancing their businesses, and this trend only seems to grow with time. A larger audience requires a larger […]

Advanced analytics & Data export

Leverage Nunify’s advanced analytics to make sound decisions and improvise your event at every step; as it provides an insight into event data, attendee engagement, networking activity, and much more. With the constant rise in video consumption for virtual events and webinars among users, the need for virtual event platforms to embed advanced analytics technology […]

Moderation & Ban attendees

You have complete control over every aspect of your webinar/virtual event. Control SPAM, Ban users, Moderate questions. Ask us if we missing something

Free 24×7 Chat & Email Support

In a world that now heavily relies on virtual communication, we understand the requirement for consistent support and quick response time. Webinars and virtual events need to be available anytime anywhere, so we are here to help you out and answer any and every question you might have. We have a five-star customer support team […]

Mobile Apps

Rich mobile interactions available on native iOS & Android apps for mobile & responsive UI make it iPad/tablet ready

Beautiful UX & design

Nunify is a virtual events platform that is designed with the host and attendee’s experience in mind. With the goal of promoting social interaction and engagement, Nunify is the platform for you to host a virtual event without compromising on real-life engagement. The intuitive UX provides everyone with a clear demarcation on who are speakers/sponsors/attendees […]

Custom Branding

Customers are more likely to return to a brand that is memorable and one with which they had a positive experience. Using custom branding is one way to make your brand memorable. Good and effective branding builds recognition and loyalty to your company. More often than not customers are attracted to brands that they relate […]

No Downloads

Nunify understands that having downloadable software can prove to be frustrating. The whole process of downloading software can be time-consuming, in addition to this software downloads can sometimes possess a security risk to your device. In order to prevent this, Nunify’s webinar platform is browser-based which doesn’t need any downloads to access this. There are […]

Go Live within Minutes

We know that it takes a lot to run an online live event. A lot of preparation goes into running a live event. Starting with planning & rehearsals to execution. Be it a webinar, virtual conference, product launch, virtual expo, an online course or a workshop or any other event, Nunify aims to make your […]

Single Branded URL

Nunify is an online events platform that lets you host a multitude of events including – webinars, video conferences, product launches, hybrid events, virtual expos, online training or courses and much more. When holding online events we understand that you may wish to hold more than one session or even different types of sessions. However, […]

DIY Content management

Nunify allows the host to make changes to all aspects of the webinar so that they can impress their attendees with an aesthetically pleasing and on-brand event site. The process is extremely user-friendly, so you can build and customize your site without any developers or designers. You can thus keep an eye on your event […]

Exhibitor Booths

Sponsors are a great way to generate capital for your event. Similar to a physical event, you should give your sponsor a dedicated area to showcase their brand’s products and services. Nunify allows organisers to manage and services with ample opportunities to monetize screen space. Nunify offers exclusive virtual booths for your sponsors and exhibitors […]

Display Ads

Featuring ads is another way to increase networking between sponsors and attendees during your virtual event. Nunify features various spaces on the platform dedicated to displaying ads by sponsors and exhibitors. These spaces are completely brandable and allow sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products. If an attendee is interested in the product or service […]


Booth is open 24×7 – attendees can either chat live during office hours or drop offline message that exhibitors receive

Virtual briefcase

Bookmark booths, collateral, images, videos that attendee can access anytime, anywhere

Book video meetings

An important aspect of a webinar or an online event is the ability to network. Networking is a great way to share ideas and knowledge, whether it is asking for feedback or giving opinions, it will help you expand your knowledge. Naturally, networking also results in opportunities. This may materialise in the form of a […]

DIY Booth by Exhibitor

Virtual event sponsorships are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness, generate leads and revenue for large and small businesses. Much like a physical event, a sponsor should be given a dedicated area to showcase their brand’s products and services. Nunify offers virtual exhibitor booths for your sponsors and exhibitors to display […]