Using Nunify Studio for Live RTMP broadcast during virtual & hybrid events

nunify STUDIO

Nunify supports multiple ways by which your content can be broadcasted to the attendees. One of them is nunify studio which allows broadcast from a professional camera via software encoder. In short your video broadcast happens as follows A Camera captures your speaker(s). The captured video stream is fed into a RTMP encoder which processes […]

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events are events that have a presence both in the real and virtual world. Typically these events have a small in-person gathering while it is live streamed or webcast to a larger virtual audience which can consume the content from anywhere (especially the safety of their homes). Let’s try this another way. You have […]

Reaction emojis

Attendees can now react during webinar live stream/on-demand with emojis. We provide you analytics to guage the content quality

7 reasons flat minimalist design is better for webinars & virtual events

nunify™ follows flat minimalist design – a design approach that emphasises usability. Our platform is clean, open space, crisp, bright colours and 2D to make it easy-to-use for webinars & virtual events. We reduce clutter, unwanted distractions and provide familiar interface attendees are used to. Our creative team thoughtfully analyses all design elements and removes […]

Delve Into The Ultimate Virtual Events Guide With nunify™

Going virtual, especially during these tough times, has evolved into a dire necessity for the event industry. However, it is understandable that event organizers currently have to deal with the anxieties associated with superseding the charm of real life, physical events. That’s where virtual event platforms, such as Nunify, come into being. It is indeed wonderful […]